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    Replacement rear lens for Federal sirens

    @Maxim2Eng You are correct. The lens is a Guide R3A-54 and is used on the 1954 Oldsmobile 88. Michael
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    Federal Mogul... Signal Stat... Dietz.. whatever Saturday fun.

    @Stampeed Valkyrie Federal-Mogul bought Signal-Stat in 1986, Dietz in 1990 and made the Dietz products become Signal-Stat and sold Signal-Stat to Truck-Lite in 2002. Earlier beacons had the same motors that Dietz used but later changed to the cheaper light duty motors that you have in yours...
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    Vintage Catalogs: Grote

    Grote 1981 Edition Catalog.
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    Vintage Catalogs:Dietz

    Dietz Catalog #64, dated October 1966.
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    Some new members for my collection

    @ex416 Yes, they are identical because your SVP 531 is a rebranded Arrow 531. At that time your light was sold SVP mostly sold rebranded equipment. Michael
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    SEV Marchal Beacon

    No, I am more or less sure that it is not a date number. The motor in the photo is 0-71 and the two others I have been working on, including an early 6V without rubber grommets and drainage slot in back of the internal motor housing, are also marked 0-71. It should be impossible because this...
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    SEV Marchal Beacon

    @Jmcd8645 Here are two photos of the lighthead and motor. This motor do not have noice supression but some have two capacitors attatched to the power terminal. The text on the mounting plate says that this light has a rubber grommet mounted motor. Earlier motors do not have the upper rubber...
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    SEV Marchal Beacon

    @Jmcd8645 Here you will see two lampholders, one early with a fiber washer and some type of insulation tubing and a later one with a molded plastic insulator. The original bulb, Norma 12V-25W, Marchal 1234 and a new 12V-45W bulb. Michael
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    SEV Marchal Beacon

    @Jmcd8645 The lampholder that is soldered to the lighthead is homebuilt but the other one seems to be an original one. I have never seen that type before but I assume it is a very late one. All lampholders I have been in contact with is of the type OliverD showed in his photos. Michael
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    SEV Marchal Beacon

    @OliverD Odd to see the your amber has the model number 340/216 which should be the red version. Michael
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    SEV Marchal Beacon

    Red was used in Sweden and this beacon was in wide use by fire vehicles and ambulances in the 60’s longside beacons from Eisemann and Hella. Michael
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    SEV Marchal Beacon

    @Jmcd8645 The model numbers for this beacon are 340/216 for red, 340/217 for amber and 340/218 for blue. Originally the bulb was a 25W/ba15s bulb but with the same big globe that the more normal 45W/ba15s bulb the was later used by all European manufacturers. Normal replacement was with the...
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    Vintage CHP Lights Help

    @AM1 I would say that during the time period you ask about, CHP used Dietz 510 (renumbered in 1970 to 9-51). The Grote 6401 was probably bought in the early 80’s around when the blue light started to be used in 1983. CHP stated to me in 1979 that they used Dietz 9-51 and they did not...
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    Mars Signal Light Co. Type G siren by B&M

    @tsquale If you get that serial number that is stamped at the edge on the motor housing you can contact Brian Eliason at B&M and he can see when it was made and who it was delivered to, Mars in this case. He gave that information to me for my B&M sirens, so now I know exactly the original...
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    Vintage Catalogs:Yankee

    If I say revolving lights instead of emergency lights it will probably be more correct. Michael
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    Vintage Catalogs:Yankee

    @LRGJr72 To what I have understod is that 1971 was the first year that Yankee had emergency lights so this is the earliest catalogue with this type of equipment. Michael
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    Aerodynic 24 C question

    @Usmc69187 It was only the versions with alley lights that had the bulk head mirrors to give a flash to the sides. Without the alley lights the flash went between the lampholders of the flashing lights to the sides. Michael
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    WS-227A Wiring and Harness/Cabling Types

    @ProPatriaNeverPassAFault Maybe you will find what you seek in this old post. Michael
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    Can you identify these Sirens?

    Actually I believe that the WL was called only W in the 30’s and 40’s regardless if it had a light or not. Michael
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    Can you identify these Sirens?

    @Skulldigger The trumpet on the left siren look like a Sireno model 11 trumpet but I am not sure about the siren itself because of the ports in the stator with two finger guards. Sireno usually used only one finger guard in their sirens of this size. The right siren is to what I can see a...
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    You have the same type of motor Mars used on their earlier RB beacons. This is the motor in mine 4002 that was actually made in November 1972. Here you have another 4002 that is up for sale on Facebook that was made in March 1969 that have the same motor as mine have. Both of these lights...
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    TwinSonic Model 12X

    A choice for holding down Amperage but with the high light output would be to use the halogen H7600 sealed beam. 4416, 30W, 11x4,5 degree, 35000CP 4464, 60W, 11x5 degree, 60000CP H7600, 37,5W, 9x4,5 degree, 60000CP Michael
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    I wrote Do-Ray 2002. Naturally it should be Do-Ray 4002. I will also add that the name tag is typical for Do-Ray. It has the same shape and as new it is red but bleach to the same orange colour as this one have. Here is a photo if a Do-Ray 4002 in my possession, made in 1973. Michael
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    There are several similarities with Do-Ray. The spring loaded lampholders are more or less identical with what Do-Ray use but this one do not have the ”bridge” with the upper part for the upper sealed beams holders. Instead the contact strip holds the sealed beams together. The lower...
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    TwinSonic Model 12X

    It is the other way around. The standard sealed beam is the 4464, 60W for all standard TwinSonic’s except the economy versions, 12E, 12EF and 22EV used the 4416, 30W instead. Michael
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    Vintage NYPD Signal Stat Question

    @NESQ115 It might well have been an suggestion from Signal-Stat to field test the 374 beacon in the form of 377 before the purchase of the 9555 roofbar. NYPD always have special features in their equipment so I assume they did not desided to buy over night. They usually test before their...
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    Vintage NYPD Signal Stat Question

    @Jchris1238 Here you have the 392 base from one of Signal-Stat’s catalogues. Michael
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    Who Makes This Cigarette Plug?

    Safco. They are usually marked but Safco makes alot of products to order so it might be unmarked. I assume that Whelen do not buy copies of Safco. Michael
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    Signal stat 312 and/or Mars domes

    @Sparky_911 Signal-Stat 312 is the same as a Dietz 7-40. Original Signal-Stat lenses might be tricky to get but it is the same size as the Federal 14 lens. The Dietz 77-234 lens that is the correct lens for the Dietz 7-40 appear on eBay quite often. The Mars SW2-10 is a special light made...

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