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  1. kabsher8093

    FedSig CN Signal Master using Convergence Software

    Recently acquired a used CN Signal Master. It is being used with a Smart Siren Platinum and plugged directly to the amp. It's all red with 2 red/white modules. Turned the white off so that it only flashes red. Now, when I use the LRCO or the WARN modes. The 2 white/red models only flash...
  2. kabsher8093

    Convergence Software Issues

    Any having problems with communication from SS Platinum B keypad to computer? It's in programming mode. The cable is plugged up on the side of the keypad and plugged into my computer. The communication task is greyed out and won't communicate. Using windows 10 with a usb to ethernet adapter...
  3. kabsher8093

    Pathfinder programming

    I'll be doing some standard programming of a pathfinder in a few days. I've gone through the installation manual and the gone over the help tutorial in the software. Unless I've missed it, I was not able to find out the steps in getting the unit into programming mode. Do you just plug the...
  4. kabsher8093

    Smart siren platinum - Horn ring question.

    Had someone ask if it were possible to have the siren air horn sound when the steering wheel horn is pressed. Not while siren is sounding, just the siren in "standby" mode. I didn't think it were possible but just thought I'd ask.
  5. kabsher8093

    Wanted ISO: 2003 - 2006 Ford Explorer Havis or Jotto Desk vehicle specific console

    Looking for 2003 - 2006 Ford Explorer Havis or Jotto Desk vehicle specific equipment console. C-VS-700 EXPL OR C-VS-1200 EXPL Not sure of the Jotto Desk part number. Email me at Thanks. Kevin
  6. kabsher8093

    Whelen Headliner Inner Edge modules

    Is there anything special about the modules Whelen used on the headliner 3 head inner edge? (Used on the Crown Vic) Could you use a Talon or Avenger module? Or does it have to be the : 01-0264260-52 (RED) part number? The one i have is all BLUE, i was needing to switch it to all RED.
  7. kabsher8093

    Whelen Headliner Inner Edge modules

    Is there anything special about the modules Whelen used on the headliner 3 head inner edge? (Used on the Crown Vic) Could you use a Talon or Avenger module?
  8. kabsher8093

    2010 Crown Victoria PI Propane removal.

    Recently just got this in the shop. Customer wants to know how hard it would be to remove it. I've never dealt with the propane kit. How hard would it be to remove it? I was looking at it and just figured I could just remove the monster tank and cap off where any lines enter the car and just...
  9. kabsher8093

    Wanted Whelen Freedom LED TD & Alley

    Looking for LED TD & Alley modules for Whelen Freedom bar. - 2 TD modules (White 400 series) - Both Driver and Passenger side Alley modules with brackets. Can best be reached at: Kevin
  10. kabsher8093

    Trade : Motorola XTS2500 VHF for Motorola XTS5000 VHF - No Longer Available

    Trade : Motorola XTS2500 VHF for Motorola XTS5000 VHF I was looking to trade my XTS2500 model 3 VHF for an XTS5000 model 3 VHF. 136-174 MHz band split. FPP (Front Panel Programmable) enabled The 5000 will need to be FPP as well. Flashcode: 120001-800105-2 Which encodes to: Q811 - P25...
  11. kabsher8093

    Wanted 2002-2009 Chevrolet Trailblazer Vehicle Specific 13" Console

    Looking for used Havis console. Shoot me a price please. Best reached at:
  12. kabsher8093

    Wanted Jotto Desk 00'-06' Tahoe Console

    Looking for the Jotto Desk Console for the 2000 thru 2006 Chevy Tahoe. Shoot me a price. Pictures if possible. I can best be reached at Thanks
  13. kabsher8093

    Federal Signal Crown Victoria LED Corner System

    I found some of these on eBay. States that they mount inside the front corner light assembly of the 2005 to 2011 CV. My question is... How would you get these things inside the front corner assembly? How do they get mounted? Does anyone have the install instructions or know about how I would get...
  14. kabsher8093

    Whelen SPS-660 Comet Flash Strobe Pack

    Been trying to change the flash pattern on this strobe unit. I can only get it to to flash 2 patterns. I've touched the yellow wire to +12vdc but it won't change. If you hold it to +12vdc it flashes the comet pattern. Does this unit only have 2 flash patterns ?
  15. kabsher8093

    Wanted ISO: Troy CC-CVAT7 console

    It is the Crown Victoria console that mounts in place of the ash-tray. Looking for anyone who has one or who to get one from. Shoot me a price please. Kevin
  16. kabsher8093

    Whelen Model 64 Series Halogen turn signal problem

    Passenger side rear turn signal quit working the other day. figured it was the bulb. Bulb was blown so i replaced it. It still will not work as a turn signal, but it will flash when the hazard lights are engaged... I figured it was a grounding issue do to it being on a fire truck (pumper). I...
  17. kabsher8093

    Bench testing a spotlight

    Got a spotlight from a friend of mine. Wanted me to test it before I put it on. Put +12vdc to the wire and nothing happened, I moved the switch in both positions. I know the bulb is good, I tested the bulb. How does the spotlight ground itself? I tried grounding the rod that runs through the...
  18. kabsher8093

    Wanted Havis 1810 console

    Needing a Havis C-1810 console 18" long X 10" high. Can PM me here or email me
  19. kabsher8093

    2014 Dodge Charger Strobe Bulbs

    Any body here done or seen strobe bulbs in the head lights of a 2014 Charger? I've done LED HAW in the top of the head light (Hi Beam side). Worked very well. Customer wanted strobe lights there. I'm looking and I don't really see the distance I'll need so it doesn't melt the bucket or the...
  20. kabsher8093

    Wanted Federal Signal Impaxx 6

    ISO: 1 Impaxx 6 Red/Clear
  21. kabsher8093

    Federal Signal IPX-GRL3 Brackets

    Would anybody happen to have the dimensions on these brackets? Shop drawings, anything?
  22. kabsher8093

    SoundOff Signal Predator II Dash Light Modules

    Looking for 1 or more SoundOff Signal Predator II dash light Modules (WHITE in color.) If anybody has any any or know where I can get some message me with a price, and pictures of the front, side and back of the module. Thanks,     Kevin.
  23. kabsher8093

    Whelen Cencom.

    Will the Whelen Cencom do the "WOOP" and "WARBLE" tones?

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