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    Boston PD XL 5000 Sealed Beam

    Just dug the old Newton Police (next to Boston) XL bar out of storage along with the mini XL
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    Boston PD XL 5000 Sealed Beam

    I remember that bar! Was in perfect shape. Might have one buried in attic somewhere. At one point in time I had 30+
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    Wanted ISO R/B Interior Lightbar

    I have a new in box Latitude signal master Red and blue.
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    Wanted 2013 Ford PIU Headlight and Taillight Flasher

    Have you used the one they have listed currently? I used two in the past that look completely different
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    Wanted 500 series surface mount flanges and lens

    I have 4 flanges
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    Wanted FS Xstream, Viper duo, or Whelen Avenger Duo

    I have several dual viper s2 dash lights in box Blue and white
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    For Sale Blue Whelen TIR3 dumb heads

    I will take a pair without flanges
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    For Sale New outer edge flasher

    Selling a new used outeredge flasher unit with wiring for 6 heads. Came with a unit for ford explorer for install but decided to wire to carbide and this is left over. Has all the plugs and wires. Never used Not WECAN Will get a picture soon but not much to look at. This can be used for custom...
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    2019 explorer civilian version

    He nailed it! That spot is super easy and allows for clean entrance and minimal damage to car.
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    Wanted Multiple Micropulse 600 Ultra in white

    I have some brand new blue/white micropulse 620. Also have some new micropulse 600 in blue. I have other styles of blue and limited amber
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    Wanted Opticom 795 programing cable

    Alright so I guess I will just sell this unit then. Cant Do anything with this light head
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    Wanted Opticom 795 programing cable

    Looking for an opticom programming cable. —Available programming cable (Part #79-1000-0157-0)
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    Wanted Wanted/ISO Talon items

    Single talons or double?
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    Wanted Grill lights

    Pair of new fedsig micropulses ultra 600 surface mount red and white
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    Wanted Whelen Ions

    I have 1 red and 1 amber dummy ion. Never used built in 2019 late
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    Positive HLF Buy from Rohmers - good experience.

    Thanks for the business and super smooth transaction.
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    Wanted WHELEN Outer Edge

    Those are red and blue. I am just gonna sell those separate. I am not familiar with cantrol
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    Wanted WHELEN Outer Edge

    Here is the bracket and flasher
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    Seeking Advice: 2019 Ford Explorer Limited - HLF / TLF and Siren Mounting

    Also, if you take the wiper motor assembly out there is plenty of room to run cables through the factory location. Just cut a slice push cables through and silicone up. Really not that hard.
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    Wanted WHELEN Outer Edge

    I can sell you the brackets and flasher if that helps?
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    Seeking Advice: 2019 Ford Explorer Limited - HLF / TLF and Siren Mounting

    I have installed a brookings headlight flasher on a civilian 17 limited worked fine. I have another for sale if interested
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    Wanted Whelen Ions

    I have a pair of new trio r.b.w ions
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    Wanted R/B or R/R Whelen dominator 6 or Feniex 600

    Interested in an 8 head signal master red and blue?
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    Wanted Feniex Python 4X

    I might have a python 600 shell if your interested dont think i have any lights
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    Wanted Inexpensive WHELEN siren/light control unit

    I have cencom gold with TA.

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