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  1. Mars Light

    Another Firehawk project

    I started a new project with a red Firehawk lightbar. First step was to find a frame in NOS shape. A paint shop made the NOS black frames in RAL3000 fire-red. Labels are reproductions. The warning sticker is originally from the frame. First reflectors: In the meantime I worked on the...
  2. Mars Light

    Some new members for my collection

    I got a Arrow 551 beacon in nice shape. All that was needed was a new dome and some cleaning. Here a video with his older brother 531 (551 replaces the 531): Next one is a North American Signal 4-way flasher. Video says more than thousend words:
  3. Mars Light

    Streethawk/Firehawk black secondary lenses

    We all know the black lower deck covers for unused openings . How about the red Firehawk and this blind covers? Also black lenses or do they have red covers?
  4. Mars Light

    Wanted domes: Stratolite 80 and Dietz 77-234

    Looking for a blue or red Stratolite 80 dome in nice condition And for a red Dietz 77-234 dome (for type 7-40) Shipping would be to 04129 Leipzig, Germany
  5. Mars Light

    Wanted Streethawk parts

    Looking for these parts: * 6 or more lower deck reflectors (for TD and Flasher) with both screws to fix it on the base * FA3 flasher with connector plug * center dome (red, clear, blue) condition 8/10 or better Please offer what you have Shipping would be to 04129 Leipzig, Germany
  6. Mars Light

    Wanted North American Signal 4WF

    Looking for a NAS 4WF beacon. Clear dome would be great, but all other colors are also fine.
  7. Mars Light

    Wanted Dietz dome 77-234

    Looking for a red and/or clear dome #77-234 for a Dietz beacon 7-40.
  8. Mars Light

    Wanted Dietz 7-40 dome RED

    Looking for a red Dietz #77-234 dome for a 7-40 beacon. Good condition or better. Shipping is to 04129 Leipzig, Germany
  9. Mars Light

    Difference between Dietz 7-40 tags

    I found some 7-40 beacons with a brass name tag and others with type information engraved in the ring. What is the difference regarding the versions?
  10. Mars Light

    Wanted Dietz 7-40 Beacon

    Looking for Dietz 7-40 beacons with a brass name plate. dome colors: amber, red and clear Shipping is to 04129 Leipzig, Germany
  11. Mars Light

    Wanted AeroDynic 24EA(H)

    Looking for a new project bar and need a Aerodynic with 3 rotators each side and end lamps. Please offer me your "bargains" Shipping is to 04129 Leipzig, Germany
  12. Mars Light

    Signal Stat 374 duo

    Found a pair of Signal Stat 374 beacons. (1 was labeled as a Ernest Holmes 374 version). Both with wrong domes (stratolite 80 doesn´t fit) One version in good shape, the only necessary work was to clean the beacon and find a nive 375 dome. The other one (the Holmes version) was in bad shape...
  13. Mars Light

    Wanted SVP 1166 teardrop beacon

    Looking for 1 or 2 teardrop beacons type 1166 with cigar plug cord. dome color not important. Shipping is to 04129 Leipzig, Germany
  14. Mars Light

    Wanted FS Fireball cigar plug and cord

    Looking for a cigar plug (SafCo) and cord for a Fireball FB11. Shipping is to 04129 Leipzig, Germany
  15. Mars Light

    Wanted FS Fireball teardrop beacons

    Looking for Fireball I (not version II) Please offer all types and dome colors. Shipping is to Germany.
  16. Mars Light

    FS Visilite Mod 16 A1

    I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year 2020. My 2020 starts with the buy option for a 1x red and 1x blue Visilite Mod16 A1. What are both worth if the domes and chrome is okay and both rotate smooth?
  17. Mars Light

    Ernest Holmes 374 beacon

    The other beacon I got has a name plate from E.Holmes and is a rebranded version of the Signal-Stat 374. Can please someone send me a clear and sharp pic with a new name plate of this version? So I can reproduce it.
  18. Mars Light

    Wanted Aerodynic V-mirror

    Looking for 2 V-mirrors from an AeroDynic. Also looking for dome or dome segments in clear, red and blue. Condition 8/10 or better.
  19. Mars Light

    Wanted Signal Stat 374 domes

    Looking for blue or clear 375 domes to fit a 374 beacon. Shipping is to Germany. Can trade with clear Stratolite 80 dome in condition 9.5/10.
  20. Mars Light

    Wanted Aerodynic domes or segments

    Looking for blue, clear or red domes or single segments. Condition 8/10 or better.
  21. Mars Light

    Positive Positive buy from tsquale

    I bought a FS 184 beacon from Tony. Nice deal.
  22. Mars Light

    Wiring for a Unity RV-25

    Got a RV-25 in bad condition and of course the wiring +/- to the sealed beams are self made and for sure not original. Can someone help me with this and give me some good photos. That would be great.
  23. Mars Light

    Wanted FS 184 shaft

    Looking for a shaft in good condition. The item I have is bent. Shipping is to 04129 Leipzig, Germany
  24. Mars Light

    Wanted Aerodynic 24E(A)H or 24ME(A)H

    Looking for a 24EAH, 24EH, 24MEAH or 24MEH. Please offer what you have. With pics please. Shipping is to Germany.
  25. Mars Light

    Jetsonic JS1 question

    Currently I have a problem to run a JS1. All functions (flasher, cut-off) works but the rotators do not go back to the starting position. If I stop the power the rotators stand at the last position. Is it correct that the white wheel turns counterclockwise? Because so the lever (with roll- red...
  26. Mars Light

    AeroDynic setup

    Last year I got a Wrecker Aero 25RWLI2 in really bade shape. Apparently water came in and then the aquarium was sealed with silicone... First idea was to restore it. So I cleaned all parts, removed the silicone from the bulkhead, most of the dome parts are scrap. I have galvanized the metal...
  27. Mars Light

    Dietz 9-51 deck lights CHP

    Just found a bargain on ebay. Three Dietz 9-51 with a 4001B, 4434A and 4001R. The second 4001R is a freebie. And the idea was born. I cleaned the chrome bases, repainted the red and blue SB. And to create a smooth base for the trio I´ve built an socket in wooden style. video shows the...
  28. Mars Light

    Wanted FS 173, 174 or 176

    Looking for a FS 173, 174 or 176. Please offer all conditions. Plastic dome preferred. Shipping is to 04129 Leipzig, Germany
  29. Mars Light

    FS Firehawk labels

    Hi guys, I found a shop who could reproduce the FS Firehakw labels for me. 1 set with type sticker and SAE number 1 set with type sticker and without SAE the dimensions are not 100% correct. original length = 12,7cm, copy 12,8cm original width = 3,1cm, copy 2,9cm
  30. Mars Light

    Wanted GROTE 7620/ 7622

    Looking for a 7620 and/or 7622 in good condition. Preferred dome colors: clear, blue, green, red. Shipping is to 04129 Leipzig, Germany

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