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  1. toon80

    XL 5000 Wrecker Bar Project

    I have a small 42" partly gutted XL, speaker grille and amber solid domes. Rotators are pretty much shot like yours, mirrors are gone, rest is available. Pm me for pics :)
  2. toon80

    Marketplace LAPD alley lights? Might be wrong here, but 2 of these hella lights look a lot like the external LAPD alley lights. The glass seems a bit different, but the casing looks identical. Could be useful for parts.
  3. toon80

    Wanted 2 newer style (plastic) regular speed aerohawk rotators.

    Let me know what you have.
  4. toon80

    Positive positive purchase from Rpill95

    Bought another aerodynic from Ryan. Again , perfect packaging, quick communications, courteous and easy to deal with. Have seen many bars shipped in a decade, and while nothing is accident proof, I am very confident his stuff will make it undented everytime.
  5. toon80

    Wanted Regular speed aerohawk/streehawk motor

    hi, Looking for 6 federal signal motors for independant aerohawk, or streethawk rotators. Has to be the 12Volts, regular speed ones. Not the faster 9 volts ones.
  6. toon80

    Wanted Code 3 MX7000 Filters & Domes

    I have a blue used intersection filter, driver side front, or rear curb side.
  7. toon80

    Wanted Aerodynic Visi-beam mount

    Hi guys, Reviving this thread from the dead. The pictures in this thread are no longer available. Anyone have them somewhere? Looking to recreate the black visibeam skirt, and would need some pictures and or details about that mounting system for the visibeam. Thanks!
  8. toon80

    Positive Positive Sale to toon80

    Great seller as well. Bar was perfectly packed, shipped quickly, great communications. Thanks Ryan!
  9. toon80

    Whelen endcap reproduction, take 2.

    Haven't toyed with this project for a few years but let me dig into it. I had someone ask me to make the "sliding walls" shorter. I'll try it. Bear in mind this thread was a try-out for the endcaps. The 3D printer used isn't mine so I won't have them shortly, but I'll see what I can do :)
  10. toon80

    Aerodynic mounting plate thickness

    Hello, I need to make a replacement center divider aero 25 mounting plate. What is the correct thickness of the aluminum plate? I suppose in 32nds of inches?
  11. toon80

    Code 3 XL conversion

    Hi guys, I am wondering if it the mounting screw holes are the same to change the gut of a newer sealed beams code 3 Xl for independant rotators and diamond mirrors ?
  12. toon80

    Wanted 4 aerohawk rotators

  13. toon80

    Wanted Medium size 44" code 3 SD

    Looking for a medium sized frame of a code 3 SD with speaker grille.
  14. toon80

    Help on removal of a CJ184

    Picked up many beacons this way a few years back, before 10 trucks went to the crusher. Remove the liner, bolts are there.
  15. toon80

    Wanted 4 aerohawk rotators

    Hi guys, As the title suggests , looking for 4 aerohawk rotators, slow speed if possible. The newer, the better, but let me know what you have.
  16. toon80

    Dominion auto “Sentinal” 6 volt

    Looks like an older Dominion Auto 357, but with a shorter skirt and a different tag. Is it for sale?
  17. toon80

    Made a New Label !

    Still have the 7624 Grote's tags ? Would be interesting to see/ buy some if you still have them.
  18. toon80

    Non rotating 4 way flashers other than McDermott?

    Here's 2 of mine. From an old thread. :)
  19. toon80

    Help finding names of these beacons

    The tall light is definitely a junior dominion automotive.
  20. toon80

    Vintage Catalogs:Dominion

    Those pictures were from my 1985 catalog.
  21. toon80

    Movies & Television: Police, Fire & EMS Vehicles

    Definitely Dominion auto flat top beacons
  22. toon80

    Wanted Aerodynic male and female segments + endcap NOS

    Bump : still looking for a male and female segment , both NOS, for an aerodynic dome. Color not important.
  23. toon80

    Wanted 24M Medium frame for geared Aerodynic

    Hi everyone, as the title says, I need a 24M frame for a geared Aerodynic without broken screws. Let me know what you have
  24. toon80

    For trade, amber Dietz 2-11 dome

    Yes it is. PM me .
  25. toon80

    Wanted Aerodynic male and female segments + endcap NOS

    Endcaps found. Still looking for a male and female segment. Any color and NOS.
  26. toon80

    Code 3 36” lightbar question

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but Code 3 did offer at least 2 models with parabolic reflectors in the 36'' size : -XL5000 -LP6000
  27. toon80

    Wanted Aerodynic male and female segments + endcap NOS

    Hi guys, as the title says, I would need 1 of each: -1 male segment -1 female segment -1 endcap Color is not important, it's for a project bar. They need to be NOS, though. Let me know in PM.
  28. toon80

    Anyone see the NOS ADL NYPD spec aero on ebay?

    Found a decent AD4800 red blue amber Aerodynic about 3 years ago near San Diego. Endlamps, alleys, 4 rotators, no blue front steady burn, though. Inside was pretty clear, domes needed a lot of work but came out great. Price was decent. Not what we are seeing lately.

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