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    Vintage Catalogs: Grote

    Grote 1981 Edition Catalog.
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    Find 5 faults!

    Here we have a ”restored” patrol car of a Marion County, FL Sheriff’s Office vehicle. As usual there are some faults made when restoring. Can you see the faults made to the warning equipment? Michael
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    Fyr-Fyter Penetrator A-14SP75 speaker.

    This Fyr-Fyrter siren speaker is up for sale on eBay for $49.99 at the moment so if someone need such a speaker for their Fyr-Fyrter siren this can be a good project. The seller has spelled wrongly in the header so search for Fry-Fyrter. In any case, the pictures can be good to have for future...
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    1966 Dominion Auto warning lights.

    I have just got hold of a 1966 Dominion Auto catalogue. It is marked Catalogue 66 so I assume it means 1966. I will try to scan the warning equipment pages as soon I have an opportunity but until then I will state the model numbers here. Model 357, 2 sealed beams, 70 fpm, 10” diameter, 11 1/2”...
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    Wagner 4000-R for CHP steady red spotlight.

    Yesterday I stumbled on a sale on eBay of the Wagner 4000-R sealed beam. That sealed beam was used by the California Highway Patrol once. See the thread by Unity about this sealed beam: The seller on eBay sells them for $14,95 plus...

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