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  1. bobbyrum

    Wanted Whelen dashmiser strobe

    go to my website,, I have one that is blue, NOS, email me at if interested, I do take credit cards. Thx
  2. bobbyrum

    Wanted Code 3 MX7000 Filters & Domes

    I have 2 new blue outboard domes, $40.00 me at credit cards accepted...
  3. bobbyrum

    Wanted Whelen Flatlighter FL220 Visor Strobe

    go to my website, I have 5 of these on there, 4 strobe and 1 LED,,,all blue, blue me at if interested. some are direct wire but I can put a cigarette lighter plug on them if desired ($5.00 extra)...
  4. bobbyrum

    Wanted Whelen Flatlighter strobe, HAW strobes and cables

    I have 4 Flatliner (2 red/blue, 2 blue) and 1 LED Flatliner (red/blue) on my website,
  5. bobbyrum

    Wanted Looking for Code 3 parts - SlickStik & Dashlaser

    I have blue/red slick stick, contact me
  6. bobbyrum

    Wanted Whelen Siren Amplifier

    contact me, i have 7 295HF100 sirens.
  7. bobbyrum

    Wanted Whelen Flatlighter strobe, HAW strobes and cables

    I have a blue flatliner, strobe, contact me at
  8. bobbyrum

    Wanted Federal Signal Firebeam

    I have a red/blue one with the ultraflash, used. contact me at
  9. bobbyrum

    Wanted Jetsonic

    I have a blue one, contact me at, I am in Dyersburg, TN.
  10. bobbyrum

    Federal Signal Aerodynic Domes-Made to order/Factory direct

    do you still do these? Need a price for 2 4-panel domes. thx, email me back at
  11. bobbyrum

    Panasonic Arbitrator 360 (ag-cdp20)

    I would like one also,,will it work with any laptop in the car or just the toughbook?
  12. bobbyrum

    1972 Dodge Polara (Walking Tall) Patrol Car

    Actually Federal Signal offered the gutter mount, permanent mount or the hook on mount for this lightbar. I could not find a decent set of gutter mounts when I got the lightbar so I left it as a hook on mount.
  13. bobbyrum

    1972 Dodge Polara (Walking Tall) Patrol Car

    I have a mike for it, added it after the picture was taken, I am in Dyer County about an hour from Mcnairy County.h
  14. bobbyrum

    1972 Dodge Polara (Walking Tall) Patrol Car

    you are correct they were white in the movie, I have found out that he did have a green one actually when he was sheriff, as far as the vinyl top, when you find a car in this shape, vinyl or no vinyl you take it. I do know that all of Buford's cars were hardtops.
  15. bobbyrum

    1972 Dodge Polara (Walking Tall) Patrol Car

    This is my project car, it is a replica of one of Buford Pussers patrol cars used in McNairy County, TN. Everything is 1970's correct. This car has been basically garage kept for almost 40 years, all paint and body is in its orignial condition and has not been worked on. It has the Visibar...
  16. bobbyrum

    1972 Dodge Polara Spotlight Installation

    I have a 1972 Dodge Polara and am converting it into a vintage police car, have a spotlight for it but need the template for the installation, does anybody have one by chance, slim chance I am sure, but I want to make sure I am doing this right. I can be emailed or message...
  17. bobbyrum

    Help with headlight flasher

    go to the Sound Off site and then to Technical and then to the flasher recommendation chart, there is a small write up about the explorer there, but it is a positive switch system. read the write up. Bobby
  18. bobbyrum

    Motorola radio jackpot!

    I am interested in 3-4 if you still have them, email me your contact info at, thanks, Bobby
  19. bobbyrum

    Byrums Emergency Equipment

    Badges, Vehicle Equipment, Installations, Located in Dyersburg, TN 831 Jones Rd

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