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    Wanted Prism lens for Federal Signal Model 15 Junior Beacon

    In need of 1 prism lens that clips into the rotator assembly of a FS Model 15 Junior Beacon Ray. Can anyone help ??? Ben
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    For Sale Siren speaker tips (cones)

    Ben G submitted a new listing: Siren speaker tips (cones) - Speaker tips Read more about this listing...
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    For Sale Whelen Vertex Green (used) 1 pair

    Ben G submitted a new listing: Whelen Vertex Green (used) 1 pair - Vertex Read more about this listing...
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    For Sale Whelen ION Amber LEDS (1 pair)

    Ben G submitted a new listing: Whelen ION Amber LEDS (1 pair) - IONs Read more about this listing...
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    Roto Ray

    Evening everyone. I am in need of a replacement bulb for our Roto Ray. Looking for blue. Can anyone advise who supplies them ? It is on a 2001 Pierce Aerial. Also, what bulbs are used if I were to upgrade to LED ? Ben
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    For Sale Whelen 700 series lenses - Red / Clear split

    Ben G submitted a new listing: Whelen 700 series lenses - Red / Clear split - 700 Read more about this listing...
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    For Sale Whelen IONs - 2 clear, 1 green USED

    Ben G submitted a new listing: Whelen IONs - 2 clear, 1 green USED - IONs Read more about this listing...
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    For Sale Whelen 500 series Super LEDs - 1 pair Green - LED50F02ZCR

    Ben G submitted a new listing: Whelen 500 series Super LEDs - 1 pair Green - LED50F02ZCR - Green LED head Read more about this listing...
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    Whelen Slimlighter Green/Green

    Ben G submitted a new listing: Whelen Slimlighter - Green/Green Dash light Read more about this listing...
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    Wanted Code 3 and Whelen blue items

    Looking for blue lenses for Code 3 80BZ and 40 BZ series halogen or strobe light heads, blue lenses for Code 3 550 beacons, blue dome for Whelen RB6 beacons, and a blue 600 series Whelen LED head with the 5mm LED's. PM if you have any of these items. Thanks. BEn
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    So I need to purge, and I came across 2 lost boxes of manufacturers catalogues, price lists, flyers, etc. I have Whelen going back to the mid 90's, Federal Signal, Target Tech, Grote, Alete, Premier Hazard, Code 3, Star, SVP, Sound Off, etc. If you are looking for something specific let me...
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    Whelen Dashking LED - Interweave R/C NOS

    Selling a NOS Whelen Dashking Interweave in R/C. No mounting hardware, just what you see in the picture. Came wrapped in factory plastic, which I removed for the picture. 12 v. Model # DKPL35. $ 60.00 USD shipped to CON US or Canada
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    For Sale NOS Sirens - PA300 and Code 3 3672

    Selling 2 sirens, both are NOS, 12 volt, and do not come with a box or instructions. Dusty from storage, that's it. New style PA300 and a Code 3 3672. Each is $ 100.00 shipped to CON US or Canada. Buy both for $ 175.00 shipped.
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    SOLD - Whelen Dual Talons in R/W

    Selling a pair of dual Whelen Talons in R/W. Short cords, plugs cut off the ends, each missing 1 piece of the bracket. Both come with shrouds. The one with the shorter cord (left side of picture) does have an audible humm when activated. I am including pictures of both sides (the longer cord -...
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    For Sale NOS Whelen Lenses and Flanges

    Selling the following together (will not separate the package ): 2 - Whelen 700 series Red/Clear split lenses with optics. NOS 1 - Whelen 700 series Red/Amber split lens, no optics. NOS 2 - Whelen 400 series chrome flanges with gaskets. NOS Package price of $ 40.00 shipped to CON US or Canada...
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    For Sale Whelen 64 series rotators

    Selling 1 pair NOS Whelen 64 series rotators in aluminum housing. These lights were never mounted. One is complete with instructions and rubber gasket, while the other is in the same condition but missing the gasket and instructions. Lenses are not scratched, just slightly faded from...
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    Looking for pictures of FD pick up caps

    We are looking at setting up a Ford F250/350 or similar pick up as a rapid response vehicle. It will be primarily responding to medical calls, MVCs and hauling personnel and equipment. I am looking for pictures of caps that fellow board members are using on their FD trucks.  Would appreciate...
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    Federal Signal PA300, Code 3 3672 and Code 3 3400 siren for sale

    Selling the following sirens: 1. Federal Signal PA300. Excellent shape (close to like new), comes with wiring harness, bracket, instructions, PA mic. Only reason not NOS is there is no box and a very light     scratch on the face.  $ 100.00 2. Code 3 3672. NOS siren but no box included. $...
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    Antique Electronic Sirens for sale

    Running out of room so I am selling off several of my older electronic sirens:  All sirens SOLD 1. Federal Sign and Signal Interceptor PA10 - Older unit kept in storage.  Outer case shows age, but no dings or scratches, Fully functional. Picture does not show it but I do have the      6 pin...
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    Green Whelen IONs

    Since their introduction, I have been trying to obtain some Whelen ION's in green. Initially there were not produced, except on special order and with set up cost that made the order extremely expensive. Now on Whelen's website they list (under the green lighting section) the IONG (green ION)...
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    A unique beacon if I may say so myself - Now for sale

    Around 7-10 years ago I picked up this unusual large pancake style beacon. It is approx 14" in diameter, octagon in shape, and has 2 halogen rotators. They rotate at a standard speed, and the mirrors between them seem to isolate the rotators. There are no markings on this light anywhere. Anyone...
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    Light me up - Honda Ridgeline

    So I finally retired my Nissan Frontier and went into a Honda Ridgeline. I am having difficulty in lighting it up so I am seeking pictures and suggestions. As a VFF in Ontario, Canada I can run green and clear. I do not want to overkill this truck and wanted to keep it modern yet simple. My...

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