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  1. Mark1710

    Wanted Code 3 xl lenses

    does anyone have any new or good condition code 3 xl lenses (blue w. Cut outs and red with cut outs)? Thanks!
  2. Mark1710

    For Sale 1956 GMC 630 fire engine

    Mark1710 submitted a new listing: 1956 GMC 630 fire engine - Fire truck Read more about this listing...
  3. Mark1710

    CPD car project

    It has been a slow project but here is where Im at with my Cincinnati Police car project. 1997 Ford Crown Victoria. I just had a new power steering reservoir put in, new brake lines and a/c work.
  4. Mark1710

    For Sale Code 3 mx7000 lightbar

    Mark1710 submitted a new listing: Code 3 mx7000 lightbar - Used code 3 mx7000 lightbar Read more about this listing...
  5. Mark1710

    Wanted Indianapolis Police XL lightbar

    I am looking for an Indianapolis style XL lightbar. Ive attached a photo of one for a reference. Its a 48" bar with a red lens on the driver side and a blue lens on the passenger side. There is a clear cut out in the middle of both lenses for take down lights. The end caps are also clear...
  6. Mark1710

    Wanted Code 3 / Force 4 XL lens

    I am looking for a blue XL lens with cut outs. If anyone has some please let me know! Thanks! Mark
  7. Mark1710

    Thoughts on remaking old lightbars

    So I didn't know where else to post this so I'm dropping my thoughts here. It would be great if all the older lightbars were being reproduced again so it wouldn't be so hard finding needed parts! When code 3 still made the XL lightbar, I was told they couldn't do the cutouts in the lenses...
  8. Mark1710

    Hello from Ohio

    Hi everyone. I've been on elightbars since 2013 but since I've been on/off since then I thought I'd introduce myself. I've enjoyed lightbars and emergency equipment as long as I can remember. I prefer the lightbars with rotators over all the new LED bars. I like how every depart seemed to...
  9. Mark1710

    Wanted Cincinnati style mars & code 3 xl lightbar

    I am looking for a Cincinnati style Code 3 / force 4 XL light bar. At the very least I'd like to get new lenses. I am looking for a Cincinnati style mars lightbar. It looks like there are three bulbs under the clear lens and possibly three under the blue lens as well. I'm also looking for...
  10. Mark1710

    Robocop car pushbumpers

    A friend of mine is undertaking a project, building the Robocop car from the original movie. In the 1st movie the Ford Taurus had push bumpers and lights mounted on the push bumpers. Does anyone know what kind of push bumpers and lights these are? The second and third movie do not have push...

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