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    Wanted WANTED - NOS Lower Level Streethawk Lenses

    As the title says, I'm looking for some lower level Federal Signal Streethawk lenses --- looking for clears, reds, and ambers. Looking for multiple quantities of each color. Please PM me and let me know prices shipped to 18507. Thanks, wolfman
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    Wanted Looking for non-working Whelen Vertex LEDs

    I recently completed a decommission of an older police vehicle that had Whelen Vertex VTX609 LEDs mounted underneath the doors. The clear covers are beyond polishing, but the units still work with no issues. Hoping to find someone with some non-working units with burnt-out LEDs, but still good...
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    Wanted Looking for MX7000 Corner Filters

    Hi, looking to see if anyone knows if the corner filters for the MX7000 platform are still available from Code 3. Part numbers for the filters are: T02184 Amber Corner Filter for Driver Side Front/Passenger Side Rear T02194 Amber Corner Filter for Passenger Side Front/Driver Side Rear T02183...
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    I purchased a Code 3 XL in the following link from Federal Signal Collector on Jan 27th: He acknowledged the purchase in the last message of the thread, and also left me positive feedback in the...
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    Lens removal for Whelen 900 Series Super-LEDs

    Historically I've always dealt with older Whelen 900 series Super-LED where you can remove and replace lenses on these units. I just got in a new Road Rescue unit with the single level 900 series, and was asked to change the lenses on them. It seems like the lenses have been either glued...
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    Wanted Code 3 XL green rotator filters - T02310

    I'm looking for some Code 3 XL rotator filters in green, part number T02310. I'd prefer them new, but will take used if available. I've already checked with Code 3 directly, and they are no longer being manufactured. Thanks in advance, wolfman
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    Wanted Code 3 XL 49" frame and/or speaker grille

    I'm looking for a clean 49" frame and/or speaker grille for a Code 3 XL bar. If you have a full bar with or without lenses at a decent price, I might also be interested. If you can drop off at a FedEx drop-off, I also have a FedEx account that can be used for shipping. Please PM me with what...
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    Wanted WANTED - Liberty Amber short corners passive

    Looking for a full set (total of 4) of amber LIN12 short corner passive modules for a Whelen Liberty lightbar.  I have red and blue LIN12 corner modules and red, blue, amber, and clear 500 series Linear LED modules or amber and red 5mm LED modules as well as just about any other SX Liberty parts...
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    tsquale Positive

    I bought the 500 series modules, extra great packing and shipping, VERY fast service!   Thanks!!!! wolfman
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    Wanted Looking for clear Code 3 XL dome(s)

    Looking for clear Code 3 XL domes.  Specifically, I'm looking for at least one center clear dome with the metal top strip and two metal flat ends.  Must be either NOS or at least a 8 out of 10 condition.  If you have any ends in the same shape, let me know as I can probably use that also. I'd...
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    After all of my years collecting, finally found a holy grail!

    After all of my years collecting and installing emergency equipment, I finally found a piece that I would consider a holy grail. I've only seen one before, and it was just the light/speaker combination. I happened upon this over this past weekend, and basically had no choice but to pick it up...
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    NFPA 1901 & Upgrading lighting on an older piece of apparatus

    I'm hoping I can get an answer to this question regarding NFPA 1901 current 2009 Edition and it's interpretation on this topic. I have a customer that would like me to upgrade all of the lighting on their Class A pumper. They currently have a halogen/strobe setup on the truck, and would like...
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    Replacement halogen headlight bulbs - opinions?

    I recently purchased a new vehicle and was trying to do some research on replacement halogen bulbs for it. I'd like to get something a little brighter & whiter than the stock headlights/high beams/fog lights. I've seen the Sylvania Silverstar bulbs at some local auto shops, but it looks like...
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    NYPD AeroTwinSonic Restoration Questions

    I have a couple of questions on specifics about the NYPD AeroTwinSonic 24RMVF-2Z. What GE bulbs were used in this? I believe they were 4414 bulbs for the front and rear flashers, 4464r for the red rotators, and 4416 for clears? Also, how was the cabling/control set up? I'm guessing one...
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    Whelen edge lens cutting

    Prof installers --- what type of jig or device/saw do you use for cutting Whelen Edge lenses? I built my own jig a while back using 2x4 wood & use a fine-tooth blade hacksaw for getting a nice straight cut. I've been doing more and more, though, and would like to upgrade to some type of...

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