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  1. FusionWolf

    Wanted Feniex cannon A/W v2

    Looking for 2 feniex cannons v2 in amber/white
  2. FusionWolf

    Dummy Dual Color Hideaway

    Hey all, is anyone familiar with a dual color hide away that can be used with carbide? I know fedsig makes some but sadly doesn't look like they come in Amber/White. Anyone know of a product that will work? If I can find some v2 cannons I know those will be fine but those are hard to come by.
  3. FusionWolf

    A Cautionary Tale: Goo Gone and Feniex Lenses

    Things I learned today. Goo Gone will literally start to dissolve your Feniex lenses. Now I cant speak to all of Feniex's products just the cobra T6s I was using them on. I had some spray tint on the modules of my custom made interior bar and I wanted to remove it as the new tinted windshield I...
  4. FusionWolf

    Wanted feniex cannon v2

    looking for 2 feniex cannons 2 mode (i believe these are the ones that work fine with external flashers) but looking for 2 in amber white.
  5. FusionWolf

    2019 F150 Carbide Programming Issue

    I have a 2019 F150 using Carbide with the OBD2 interface. For inputs I have grabbed the brake light and the left and right blinkers from the OBD2 port. On the brake light input these ports I have 2 whelen vertex in the taillights and 2 ions in the back rack in red. Vertexs do brake alert and...
  6. FusionWolf

    Mega Thin Buzzing

    I have 2 megathins mounted under my tailgate of an f150. The lights are controlled by a carbide and are dual color amber/white. When the lights are flashing amber you can hear a bit of an electronic buzzing with each flash. They are not too loud but noticeable. When the lights are steady burned...
  7. FusionWolf

    Whelen Vertex Duo

    I've, heard rumors of these on the EU Market for a while however yesterday I was able to come across whelens installation guide posted 8/20. No info up on whelens site yet however the guide does show 2 different trigger wires for each color. Anyone have any news on these? Whelen Duo Vertex...
  8. FusionWolf

    Wanted Whelen Ions

    Looking for 3 universal mount whelen ions 2 red or duo red/white 1 amber Also looking for 8 ion grommets Thank you
  9. FusionWolf

    Cantrol Spazzing Out

    So I have a gen 2 cantrol. Its worked pretty well for the last 7 months or so I've had it installed, however now its developed a glitch. I'll preface this by saying it wasn't touched, it was reprogrammed, its had the same programming on it for the last 5 months. I have an input tied into the...
  10. FusionWolf

    Siren speaker ignition cut off

    hi all, So I am facing a bit of a conundrum. On my vehicle I have my horn hooked up to a Whelen cantrol through one of the inputs. Sounding the horn sounds my air horn from the steering wheel. One of the issues I am facing is when I lock my car it chirps the air horn which is quite loud in an...
  11. FusionWolf

    For Sale Whelen 2° Spotlight

    For sale I have 2 Whelen 2° spotlights. The units are in excellent condition except one is missing the membrane on the back breather. Unsure of the manufacturer date but they were purchased back in 2014 brand new and have no more then 5 hours left on them. They were mounted on a car for 1 year...
  12. FusionWolf

    Tecniq D21 Rocker Panel

    Hey all, I've been looking for essentially a dummy rocker panel light that I can tie into my carbide for my f150. Theres alot of good options out there but nothing truly dummy. I came across these on Covert Lights called the tecniq D21. They link together, 9 leds per module, the price you...
  13. FusionWolf

    Whelen XLP External Flasher

    Good morning, I have a carbide unit in an F150 that I'm doing an install for. The customer has a Whelen Inner Edge XLP Low Current that he wants to recycle from his previous vehicle. Hed like to keep the vehicle synced and have the multiple modes for steady burn, cruise, day/night park patterns...
  14. FusionWolf

    F150 speaker location

    Hi all, I have a 2019 f150. Trying to find a good place to mount a whelen sa315p speaker. I know whelen makes a vehicle specific mount for this but it makes the speaker stick out and you have to relocate the license plate. Code 3 also makes a bracket but I cant find any pictures of where it...
  15. FusionWolf

    Positive (+) Sale to C17LVFD

    Sold a set of ford factory wig wag leds to C17LVFD. Great guy to do business with. Great communication and let me know the items arrived and that they arrived in good condition.
  16. FusionWolf

    For Sale Whelen Cencom Sapphire

    For sale Is a whelen cencom sapphire with TA Unit. Unit functions perfectly. Only this missing from this unit are the cat6 splitter and the green wecan plug. All cables are there with the exception of the wecan plug. Wires are short on some plugs but still usable. Includes factory cat6...
  17. FusionWolf

    For Sale FPIU Ford factory wig wags

    Have 4 ford factory PTW (park/Turn/Warn) Units have been tested all functions work. No signs of corrosion inside the bulbs, aside from some dust on the wiring these look brand new. All lights are from 2013. A note to seller: wig wag function will require a flasher. Asking $65 a bulb PM for payment.
  18. FusionWolf

    For Sale Whelen Dual Avenger Amber

    For sale are 4 whelen dual avengers in amber. All lights have been tested and are functioning perfectly. 2 lights have flash shields and 2 do not. 1 avenger is from 11/17 and does not have a sync wire. The other 3 are from 12/13 and have a sync wire. Willing to swap around the flash shields and...
  19. FusionWolf

    For Sale Whelen M7 Amber

    For sale are 4 whelen M7s in amber with amber lenses. Tested and functioning perfect. Lenses are in good shape with very minor stretching. 2 of the units have the rubber gasket and 2 do not. All units are made in 11/17 so they are still under warranty. Units are $75 each PM to purchase
  20. FusionWolf

    CanTrol Backfeeding

    Hey all I got a bit of a conundrum. I have a custom traffic advisor made of whelen 400 heads. I have it hooked into the traffic advisor port on the CanTrol unit however I cant get heads 4 and 6 to light. I used a power probe to check power and ground however I'm getting 12v both power and ground...
  21. FusionWolf

    Wanted Whelen XLP modules

    Looking for 12 whelen XLP modules Preferably duo modules amber/white. Either looking for 2 takedowns and 10 A/W modules, or 12 A/W modules. Also considering 10 single color amber modules and 2 takedowns. Duos definitely preferred however. Looking as well for a XLP internal harness. Have the...
  22. FusionWolf

    Wecan Control Wire

    Looking for suggestions on where to buy Wecan Control wire. I have a CANEM16 expansion module that I'm looking to install in the engine bay of my car. Looking at the instructions it says to extend this using 3 wire twisted (7 twists per foot) What wire have yall been using to accomplish this...
  23. FusionWolf

    Fusion stick heads

    Looking to take apart a Feniex dual color 200 bar and recess the two modules in the mirror of my vehicle. My question is are the modules used in the sticks dummy heads that would be external flasher compatible or are they the same as the surface mount heads where they are built-in flashers...
  24. FusionWolf

    Positive (+) transaction with roaddawg7

    Great seller to work with. Quick shipping, quick responses and worked with me above and beyond to bring down shipping costs on some oversized heavy bars.
  25. FusionWolf

    Wanted Whelen vertex amber

    Looking to trade or buy 2 whelen vertex in amber maybe 4 if trade deal Have red blue and white vertex for trade. And lots of other whelen lights
  26. FusionWolf

    Whelen 400s R/C A/C

    Looking for 4 whelen 400 double stacks red/clear 2 whelen 400 double stacks amber/clear Or 6 clear/any color that I can send to wilson
  27. FusionWolf

    Wanted Lin3 and ions/t6

    Looking for 1 lin3 in red with or without bezel and 2 white ions or dummy t6 modules Thank you
  28. FusionWolf

    Whelen Command Programming Issues

    Anyone having issues programming a sapphire with whelen command? using a liberty with duo TA and every pattern I put in does not end up being the one that shows when i turn the bar on. cometflash 75 ends up displaying as single flash accelerator, brake alert ends up being single flash 300, and...
  29. FusionWolf

    Wanted Whelen mgc02

    Looking for a controller for the whelen message board. Prefer the mgc02 but the mgc01 would work as well
  30. FusionWolf

    Wanted Whelen 500 duo

    Looking for 2 whelen 500 duo red/white. Looking for the lin12 dummy modules like youd see in the whelen liberty.

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