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    Wanted Whelen single Avenger Amber

    Looking for a Amber single Avenger. Can be used or new. I can also trade a Red single Avenger for the Amber.
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    Wanted Pair of Whelen Lin6 Red/Red lens

    looking for New or NOS Whelen lin6 Red with red lens. Smart LED with built in flasher.
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    WTT Whelen M6 Red or Blue for Blue Clear lens

    Want to trade NIB Whelen Red M6 or Blue lens M6 for NIB Blue M6 clear lens. I would buy if a good price.
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    Trade Lin6 Blue for Red

    Looking to trade 3 Lin6 Liberty Moduals blue for Red 2 wire version only. Build date is 5/2013 so looking for somthing in good condition.
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    Vertex in 2015 Tahoe

    I just did an install on a 2015 Tahoe. I put 4 Vertex in the front, 2 in the fogs and 2 in the turn signal. Im doing another install on a second 2015 Tahoe next week. I opend up the rear tail light and it looks a bit tricky to find a place for the Vertex. Did anyone install hideaways in the rear...
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    FDNY Batt Chief using Highway Riser Bar

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    FBI Command in Manhattan

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    2013 Explorer Install

    Front: Tomar 200-8 High Power R/W lightstick. White takedown override Whelen Headlight Flasher 4 Rect-14 Upper Grill 8 head Rect-14 lightstick lower grill Fog lights 2 Vertex Red and White. Changed OEM bulb to white vertex with flash override when LEDs activated Ion and Soundoff...
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    2012 Nissan Pathfinder Install

    Front: Tomar 200s High Power in Dash 4 Tomar Rect14 grill Whelen Headlight Flasher Side: 4 Rect14 Red and White SOS intersect on mirrors Rear: 4 Vertex Hidaway Red and Blue 2 slimmiser & Spitfire Lin4 (Customer Supplied) rear window Beta Siren SA315p Spkr CDM 1550 Mobile
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    United Hatzalah Israel Ambucycle

    Front: 2 Red Tomar Rect14 in windshield 2 Red SOS intersectors. 2 White Vertex in headlights Side: 4 Vertex Red and White surface mount Red Whelen M4 Rear: Whelen L31 on box 2 split R/W Vertex hideaways Whelen Motorcycle siren Carson Speaker
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    Motorola PM1500 Problems

    So I install a NIB PM1500 VHF 110watt and it works fine for 2 weeks. Then it goes into Maintenance Mode and wont work. I sent it back to Motorola and they fixed it under warranty saying they replaced the green board. Did anyone have a simular problem and can you tell me how you wired yours.
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    Difference between the Ion wide angle and standard

    What's the difference between the whelen Ion wide angle and standard. Which do u prefer and does anyone have vids to compare.
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    2012 Mercedes S350

    Front 8 Rect14 in Grill 2 SOS Ghost R/W headliner Rear 2 Rect14 R/B SVP Remote Siren 1 Sa315p Speaker
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    2013 Dodge Durango

    Front: Tomar Scorpion Lightbar Color Lenses Whelen HLF 2 Vertex in Fogs 4 M7 in Grill Side: Tir6 whelen Slimlighters Red/White Rear: M6 Color lenses Red and Blue rear LP 4 Vertex 2 Red 2 Blue R/B Slimlighter rear window SS2000 Siren 2 speakers Whelen Alpha SL 1 speaker...
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    2004 Nissan Xterra Whelen & Tomar LEDs

    Front: Whelen Dominator 8 on roof Single Talon above RVM 4 Linz6 in grill 4 Vertex 2 in for 2 in parking light Side Rect14 on push bumper Slimmisers in rear side windows Rear 2 Single split Avengers in rear window 2 Split Linz6 on plate 4 Vertex 2 Red 2 blue Carson...
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    Aurelius FD Heavy Rescue

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    2013 Ford police utility

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    NYPD anti-terror hercules unit patroling

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    Ford F-550 Sherriff (sirennet)

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    Unmarked NYPD SUV Lots of lights

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    Ambulance Remount Process

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    Chicago FD Steady Burn Green on Mirror

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    2012 Ford F350

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