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  1. Bogie

    Wanted Liberty Opticom

    My Dept got a new truck donated to be my chiefs car from another dept. it has a older liberty with halogen TD’s & alleys in researching led upgrades I see there is a opticom unit. Anyone have one taking up space & cheap ?
  2. Bogie

    Wilson LED conversions - multiple models and repair

    He did mine turned out great
  3. Bogie

    Preemption options

    Dave F here is a better shot of the front.
  4. Bogie

    Preemption options

    The supply I have is actually for a single self contained dash unit. Was remote mounted by the PD I was told so no longer a self contained unit. Hence the delema.
  5. Bogie

    Preemption options

    You are correct it's a duplex bar. The power supply is only a single outlet so one thought I had was to see about some sort of high power led takedowns to allow me to remove the inner 2x bulbs of the 4x takedowns and add a single linear strobe in its place.
  6. Bogie

    Preemption options

    Have been given a Nova microthin preemption power supply. Trying to determine how to use options are to find a nova microthin and mount it to the top of the windshield or put it in my light bar and have it trigger one of the front white strobes. Use of them around here is extremely limited (NYC...
  7. Bogie

    Wanted Code3 switch box legends

    First post has legends I would like or 6x blank ones and I'll use h label maker.
  8. Bogie

    Wanted Code3 switch box legends

    Looking for some snap in legends (white hard plastic) mine are faded and brittle. Believe multiple manufacturers had the same style. Could use blanks and P-touch labels or Front Strobe Rear Strobe Front flash Rear flash Take down Alleys [Broken External...
  9. Bogie

    Wanted Whelen Freedom Red

    WTB Whelen Freedom in Red. Dept got truck donated to be my Chiefs car and has a edge with 2 strobes out need something better. Within 100 miles or so on NYC better so no shipping. Let me know what you have.
  10. Bogie

    Traffic bar interior or exterior?

    Fusion 800 will fit then. It's 37.5 wide
  11. Bogie

    Feniex Fusion 800 stick vs multiple Talons

    I would run the dual color B/W giving you a B/W flash for responding. Blue only for stationary and flood when needed. Just wish the sticks had a low power mode and sync
  12. Bogie

    Traffic bar interior or exterior?

    Feniex Fusion in the length that will fit (600/800)
  13. Bogie

    2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee (Sold 02-18)

    Andrew where were you able to mount the chassis of the CDM750 ? I'm gonna be adding one to my jeep and like the control head location (that pocket is useless) but having a hard time finding a home for the radio.
  14. Bogie

    Wanted CDM Remote mount kit

    looking for a Motorola CDM1250 or CDM1550 remote mount kit I have the radio just need the conversion kit. Motorola PN# RLN4802A
  15. Bogie

    What changes/additions would you make to Feniex products?

    Sync lightbar and sticks. Data connections on 4200
  16. Bogie

    02-08 Ram fog light Hideaways

    Main warning will be by dash light. Fogs and tail lamp hideaways are just to increase the lighting footprint at a distance
  17. Bogie

    Wanted Rumbler speakers bands

    Heads up you need a quantity of 4 for a install each speaker uses 2x of Z8288300071A the part number is not for a complete assembly. Anyone have another ? Probably faster then FS (and cheaper)
  18. Bogie

    Building a Command Cabinet

    Unfortunately not it went underwater (Sandy) before I completely finished and took pics
  19. Bogie

    Building a Command Cabinet

    Use MDF over plywood last one I did was double 3/4" on the sides for 1.5" thickness. Overkill for the minor weight but it didn't look right smaller. Also made cutting the slots & pockets for cross pieces easy no worry of blowing through
  20. Bogie

    02-08 Ram fog light Hideaways

    Anyone done hideaways in a set of 02-08 Dodge Ram fogs ? Gonna be doing cannons for a buddy and wondering if the 120' or the 360's would be better. Plan on keeping the factory halogen bulbs in place.
  21. Bogie

    Custom brackets for warning lights

    I regularly build brackets fro 16ga steel easily purchased at home stores. Cut and shape with a grinder and tin snips bend with a vise or 18" brake from Harbor Freight.
  22. Bogie

    Wanted Rumbler speakers bands

    Called FS PN# Z828300071A retail $21.00 I just ordered 2 new ones.
  23. Bogie

    Wanted Rumbler speakers bands

    Need both band mounts for rumbler speakers
  24. Bogie

    Chrome Plating

    I worked for H-D many years ago but we always used Browns Chrome Plating but they since closed up I have heard good things about. Pauls Chrome form all my car buddies
  25. Bogie

    HAW/LAW placement

    Need a opinion on cannon placement in my reverse cavity on a 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Options are bottom of the cavity pointing up into the housing or the inside wall pointing at the original bulb.
  26. Bogie

    Department needing to purchase used patrol vehicle..

    Register with your state agency to get Goverment Excess State agencys for access here
  27. Bogie

    **SOLD**Whelen Rear HALO Red bulbs and parts

    If not I'll take the bulbs and plug
  28. Bogie

    New Feniex Flasher

    Wish it had selectable outputs I'm trying to do white light kill in park but still glad I didn't buy a ULF44
  29. Bogie

    For Sale Intersector LED Under Mirror Light RED

    4 or 5 wire units, and how many LED's?
  30. Bogie

    2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    While there is a air gap on the roof rack I don't believe any light head would fit. Might be able to surface mount something narrow like a SOS Ghost if you made a proper angled base to level the units

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