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  1. 13TTPP

    For Sale Code 3 21TR plus Amber modules

    7 Amber modules from a 21TR plus bar, steady burn w/mounting brackets. $25 each, offers considered. PayPal preferred.
  2. 13TTPP

    Code 3 RMX18 Officer Side - New - No Longer Available

    Code 3 RMX18 Officer Side - New New never mounted Code 3 RMX18 all Red. Corner modules are 12 LED's, all other heads are 8's. Purchased with intent to use the lightheads as upgrades for an RX2700, upon receipt I discovered the heads are internally flashed & therefore were not compatible...
  3. 13TTPP

    2013 Taurus CMHSL Mod/Fusion install

    I found a great deal on a pair or 40 degree dual color Fusions and had been contemplating a good location. Looking at the 3rd brake light I noticed they seemed about the right size to fit inside the housing. Referenced housing is surprisingly easy to remove requiring only a light tug on the...
  4. 13TTPP

    Whelen Mirror Beams R/B Interceptor Sedan - No Longer Available

    Whelen Mirror Beams R/B Interceptor Sedan For sale, mirror beam pair for 13+ Ford Interceptor Sedan in Red/Blue. The red is wide angle I believe and the blue the other. The blue is depicted with several circular dirt splashes on the black exterior surface. Unknown manufacturer date on the...
  5. 13TTPP

    Positive Sold to JCEMT

    Thanks Jared for your communication and easy transaction! Sold FedSig rear ILS for Interceptor Sedan.
  6. 13TTPP

    Positive Sold Code 3 Heads to Shues

    Sold spare Code 3 Prizm II heads to Shues, transaction was great! Thanks:)
  7. 13TTPP

    Detective Benjamin Marconi, a 20-year veteran San Antonio Police Killer still unidentified, stay safe out there.
  8. 13TTPP

    Positive Purchase from dpm9917

    Purchased Code 3 21TR Plus, great price and amazingly fast ship! Thanks!
  9. 13TTPP

    RE: Newburgh Cruiser explosion Interesting story forwarded to me w/in departmental email. We don't carry o2 in our squads, & our flares are kept in a application specific container. From the photos I've seen, it almost appears that the patrol car was CNG...
  10. 13TTPP

    Cages, & rear visibility?

    I've attached a couple pics of the Jotto prisoner partition in one of our newer vehicles (16 Explorer). This was a test bed of sorts I guess, I just drive the squad & don't make equipment choices. None of these cars have any rear visibility to speak of and a rear view camera is of significant...
  11. 13TTPP

    Edge in the Sirennet museum!!??

    Seriously Stewart where did you find that bar? I've never seen an Edge like this before, anyone else? As a side note, I can't see the attraction for such a tall bar anymore considering the amount of light the legacy puts out. Maybe for busses and engines.
  12. 13TTPP

    For Sale Code 3 Rx2700 Prizm 1 heads Blue

    Offered for sale, I have 5 complete heads with mounts and related reflectors. 3 are 8 LED boards, 2 are 12 LED boards. Additionally I have an 8 & 12 LED bare board w/o any brackets or reflectors. Finally, I have a pair of Prizm 2 bare boards w/12 luxeon rebels attached. All were removed from...
  13. 13TTPP

    Positive BOUGHT from maddux31

    Thanks Eric!
  14. 13TTPP

    My 13 PI Sedan POV work in progress

    New yes, lurking for years but I never got around to spending much time here, rolling the intro into this post & appreciate all the lookers. I'm declaring myself as the installer even though the car had the Ions and Vertex when I got it (all blue), because someone cut stuff everywhere removing...
  15. 13TTPP

    Wanted FOUND FedSig Serial Interface Module

    ITEM FOUND - Thanks for the offers!
  16. 13TTPP

    For Sale FedSig 6 channel LED flasher #501903 x 3

    I have 3 of these - 2 are NOS, one I believe was removed from service in working condition without heavy use. I have the install instructions otherwise WYSIWYG. Thinking $25 each plus flat rate box shipping CONUS, offers considered PayPal funds transfer. 2 left, thanks buyer! Thanks for looking
  17. 13TTPP

    Wanted Ford Int Sedan FedSig rear ILS mount

    Looking for the manufacturer deck mounting hardware/bracket for a FedSig rear ILS application: 13 Ford Int Sedan, found one missing said hardware.
  18. 13TTPP

    Unity LED bulb warranty through Ford?

    Hi, new to the forums but not the subject matter. Approximately 1 year ago I purchased a 2013 Ford Interceptor sedan used with all of 700 miles on the odometer. The car came equipped with 2 LED spotlights, and I also purchased a premium care warranty to 100k or so. The driver side spot...

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