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  1. Bogie

    Wanted Liberty Opticom

    My Dept got a new truck donated to be my chiefs car from another dept. it has a older liberty with halogen TD’s & alleys in researching led upgrades I see there is a opticom unit. Anyone have one taking up space & cheap ?
  2. Bogie

    Preemption options

    Have been given a Nova microthin preemption power supply. Trying to determine how to use options are to find a nova microthin and mount it to the top of the windshield or put it in my light bar and have it trigger one of the front white strobes. Use of them around here is extremely limited (NYC...
  3. Bogie

    Wanted Code3 switch box legends

    Looking for some snap in legends (white hard plastic) mine are faded and brittle. Believe multiple manufacturers had the same style. Could use blanks and P-touch labels or Front Strobe Rear Strobe Front flash Rear flash Take down Alleys [Broken External...
  4. Bogie

    Wanted Whelen Freedom Red

    WTB Whelen Freedom in Red. Dept got truck donated to be my Chiefs car and has a edge with 2 strobes out need something better. Within 100 miles or so on NYC better so no shipping. Let me know what you have.
  5. Bogie

    Wanted CDM Remote mount kit

    looking for a Motorola CDM1250 or CDM1550 remote mount kit I have the radio just need the conversion kit. Motorola PN# RLN4802A
  6. Bogie

    02-08 Ram fog light Hideaways

    Anyone done hideaways in a set of 02-08 Dodge Ram fogs ? Gonna be doing cannons for a buddy and wondering if the 120' or the 360's would be better. Plan on keeping the factory halogen bulbs in place.
  7. Bogie

    Wanted Rumbler speakers bands

    Need both band mounts for rumbler speakers
  8. Bogie

    Wanted Whelen LAWS/Halo Wires

    Looking for the 6 conductor cables from the brain to bulb need a short & long for a Halo system 
  9. Bogie

    W/T/T SoundOff Ghost White for Red

    Long shot but looking to trade a New in box white Ghost for a Red, units are new uninstalled 10-30V units. have a single red / single white looking for a solid red or trade both for a pair of split R/W. Will post pics of actual units with date codes in AM angin new in box
  10. Bogie

    Found 10-75 style bracket

    looking for a 10-75 style bracket (10-75,SNM) manufacturer doesn't matter, Im sure some one has one laying around let me know.
  11. Bogie

    05 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Work in progress as I lost my old Jeep and Lighting with Hurricane Sandy. Currently Installed  Windshield 2x 5MM Slimlighters Grill 2x Federal signal Cuda Rear Window TIR Slimlighter Smart Siren Planned (already owned) Whelen Halo system in back = gotta defeat the circuit board on the...
  12. Bogie

    LED flasher W/white park deactivation

    Are there any flashers with white light kill or park deactivation available ? Considering running my lights to a flasher to be able to sync and the thought of doing a white zone crossed my mind I could probably achieve what I want with a few relays but thought there might be a premade unit like...
  13. Bogie

    Solaris Module measurements

    Can any one with Solaris modules list the measurements, my Viper S2 died (way out of warranty) and as I like the light the thought of just swapping in 2 Solaris modules into it occurred but I don't know how big they are.
  14. Bogie

    2005 Grand Cherokee Stealth Install Recomendations

    Well thanks to the Hurricane I have finally replaced my Jeep with another Jeep :D Previous setup was a 1994 Grand Cherokee Front : Viper S2 (Red/White) above RVM FS Cuda 6 pack vertical in the grill (Red/White) intersection strobes in front turn signals 2x bulbs clear Side: Whelen...
  15. Bogie

    Amp/Molex Connectors

    Hope this is in the correct section (Mods please move if not) I searched and didn't get any hits can anyone recommend a dealer to get these that has reasonable prices and wont charge me more for shipping then the connectors. doing a HAW install on my 94 Grand Cherokee with 8 heads. I have the...

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