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  1. Thomas1234

    Jetsonic Jetstream red domes

    How rare are these?, don't see them to often, so no clear domes with red filters but true colored red/blue/amber domes. Any info appreciated! and are thay still being made?
  2. Thomas1234

    Model 19 Federal Signal Propelloray restoration completed.

    This was some serious restoration, all the stuff inside was rusted, light came from the US shipped to the Netherlands. Very happy to own it including some battle damage1 (And it's that COOL Ecto-1 Ghostusters beacon)
  3. Thomas1234

    red and blue glass lens information

    Can anyone identify these type of lights? diameter of the lens itself is 5 inch Thanks for any information!
  4. Thomas1234

    Wanted Wanted Tomar Heliobe blue and red lights.

    Got 3 ambers NOS lightbars, would like to convert 2 of them to red/blue. Any help appreciated! Need shipping to the Netherlands
  5. Thomas1234

    Where is the show you collection thread?

    Cant find it anymore, want to upload my latest lights..
  6. Thomas1234

    Code 3 Excalibur restore / refurbishment

    Aquired this nice bar, was planning to make it red blue, but now i am in doubt, is this a NYC bar, police or fire department? Things to do: Clean & polish domes, quick clean and rewire some cables. clear lens done (2500grt and buffing compound) Close up, btw this light is sure bright! Also...
  7. Thomas1234

    Visibar factory standards?

    Got the chance to buy this lightbar, wondering was the Visibar fully configurable or did Federal Signal make factory standards? thus is this one factory standard?
  8. Thomas1234

    Amber Red split Beacon info wanted

    Can anyone give me some more information about this interesting beacon? Its got 77-212 (Dietz?) on the dome itself and came of an old Wrecker.. Help appreciated!
  9. Thomas1234

    Amber Aerodynic can be also very nice!

    Or AeroTwinSonic Restoration completed! How i got it: How it turned out, sorry for my crappy phone pictures: - using the same dome (buffing / sanding / polishing - cleaning all parts
  10. Thomas1234

    Are these original Aerodynic feet?

    Maybe more Jetsonic style?...Help appreciated!
  11. Thomas1234

    Stumbled upon the ambulance lightbar

    Maybe i am going to buy this bar, it looks interesting, could anyone tell me more about this lightbar? I see Federal signal speaker in the middle, maybe on a visibar? Don't recognize the beacons, Grote maybe?
  12. Thomas1234

    NYPD Aerodynic?

    Its got the right domes and the right length, but what about the rest, it came of and old wrecker..
  13. Thomas1234

    Whelen WS-295 only 2 tone help

    My recently acquired Whelen siren had been hacked, so it can only use the hi-lo siren sound (only allowed here in the Netherlands) I would like to use the other sounds too, could anyone give me a closeup of the print so i can compare one with each other , help appreciated! Also i "hear" the...
  14. Thomas1234

    Can i use a Code MX 7000 frame for a excalibur

    I saw this nice excalibur lightbar, but its to long and a heavy to ship... So i want to have the long aluminum base removed, that way its possible to make a 3 parts light-bar in one box. I already own a very barebone MX7000, so basically my question would be, is the frame/base of a mx7000 and...
  15. Thomas1234

    Light identification

    Got the chance to buy this one, did not see it before, any info appreciated!
  16. Thomas1234

    Beacon ray model 17 restored

    Sharing the results with you guys! condition wasn't to bad to start with, resulting in one of my nicest beacon in my collection! And it works to!
  17. Thomas1234

    Old visibeam dome size

    I have an extra (red) dome for the model 17 beacon ray, i was wondering is the size the same as the older style visibeam dome? Help appreciated!
  18. Thomas1234

    Vintage police lightbars lot info wanted

    Got the chance to hopefully buy these old lightbars, i see an old visibar...but don't know about the rest of these light and beacons, info appreciated!
  19. Thomas1234

    Got me a Jetsonic model J CAL series B

    Needs some good cleaning and polishing of the domes...does not work jet, should the rotators turn on when i power red an black? Can anyone one give me more info, my guess is CAL stands for California? What does the black box do? any help appreciated!
  20. Thomas1234

    CHP lights?

    Got the change to buy these red and bleu light, they look interesting, can anyone give me more info (also value wise)?... Are these lights to use on a police car?
  21. Thomas1234

    Siracom II Federal Signal, info wanted

    Any help on this one appreciated, can buy it for around $50,- should i get this? And the siren is missing it's "mounth"?
  22. Thomas1234

    Lastest Twinsonic with some nice "features"

    Got this nice working Federal signal Twinsonic light bar yesterday...bought is from a retired fireman. He transformed the power to european 220V, but it runs very slow, BUT check out the grease! Also worth mentioning are the special drainpipe legs ;-) Let the restoration being:
  23. Thomas1234

    Aerodynic independent rotators middle light

    Hi all, I've got the chance to buy this red blue FS Aerodynic with independent rotators, although rare, i think this type still feels a bit "empty". There is this plate in the middle, sellers says there was also a beacon on top, could this be official Federal Signal factory stuff, or is it a...
  24. Thomas1234

    Latest toys for my visibar

    took a while to find these, but i really like the wide FS speaker config. Came also with the Federal signal Interceptor, going to post the restoration right here..wish me luck!
  25. Thomas1234

    Finally got me a Federal Signal Jetstream

    I'm such a happy owner now! Black paint still nice, everything works including: Fast and slow rotators Alley lights Directional lights Take down lights Meteor TCL (put in later) Now find me some red and blue lenses, can anyone help me?
  26. Thomas1234

    Arrow Model 531 Beacon restored

    Added this Arrow beacon 531 to my collection, metal parts cleaned (with magic eraser etc) cleaned chrome and buffed/waxed the dome (Stratolight 80).
  27. Thomas1234

    First i thought it was a kitchen device: the AFRB100L beacon

    for 10,- i could not let this one go, any one got more info?..
  28. Thomas1234

    Would you trade Model14 FS againt Action Lite?

    Help me out here guys, should i trade it?? Yes or No We are talking about a trade between a single twin beacon ray light (plus Amber dome, 22v with motor) against a 250 North American Blue Action Lite
  29. Thomas1234

    B/B/B code3 XL? latest score

    The SAE-W3-82 was hiding a nice oscillator inside, Yay, my first one! This bar will clean up nice! the inside looks already brand new. Just wondering, is this bar a xl 9000? who knows? and the oscillator!
  30. Thomas1234

    Whelen Super AdvantEdge saved from thrash

    Nice folks at the Animal ambulance updated there old lights to led. I was just in time to save these 2 and a half bars from the thrash, the engineer would have waited one week before he would thrown them all away. The Super AdvantEdge 5000 light bar is a flush mounted bar, and bigger then the...

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