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    Beacon Ray Model 17

    Thanks for the insight into the disassembly!!!! Chuck
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    Beacon Ray Model 17

    Noobie question... What is the correct way to get into the inner lense on the Model 17. Looking at the unit I believe that probably backing out the screws on the outside will release the plate that the motor/light unit is attached to. Would it be advisable to remove the manuacturers plate so...
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    Beacon Ray Model 17

    Such a classic, I had to have it. And it appears to be in really good condition. Thanks Chuck
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    Beacon Ray Model 17

    T Thanks for the information. Actually powered it up last night. Works well. The sealed beams do seem to be different to me though. As if one is flood and the other is spot. I’m going to attempt to take it apart I think to see if there is dirt on the interior of the lense. Do you know if these...
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    Beacon Ray Model 17

    Thanks for the information. any idea what the amp draw would be?
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    Beacon Ray Model 17

    Hey all.... Just acquired a Federal Beacon Ray Model 17, 12 volt, 2R 16C75P pictured as follows Is the large black wire the positive lead? How many amps is the draw of this light, in other words how big of a power supply should I use to power this light? Is there a specific place where this...

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