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    2019 Tahoe SSV

    For the average local or state cop, the Tahoe is too big, too truck like, too slow, and from an administrative standpoint, too expensive. I like the PIU personally. Size of an SUV, driving characteristics of a car, price that's cheaper than the competition even with the turbo motor.
  2. J

    Input on install in 2005 Tahoe fire POV

    Cobra 2x: Grill, mounted center. Feniex T3: All 8 upper windshield, 4 each side Avenger Duals: Rear window, high LINZ6: Side/intersection I'd also add a good HLF and TLF.
  3. J

    Upper Glass Traffic Arrow for Charger

    Have you considered just getting a dual color nForce Traffic Adviser? Mount it top or bottom, then have it do whatever you want, all 3 colors for warning, Amber for TA, whatever you want. I feel like both upper and lowers would significantly limit rear visibility in a car that already sucks in...
  4. J

    New ride!!! 2011 Escape Upfit

    Ya if that was my switch box my up-fitter would be getting it back with a fucking screwdriver jammed into every button.
  5. J

    2019 Tahoe SSV

    I'm not a fan of Tahoe's for LE, but for Fire I think they're perfect. Here's a classic "I want it to look like a cop car" whacker though. Not your fault, but stupid nonetheless.
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    Documents for older Whelen Edge Ultra Freedom

    The 13762 was exactly what I was looking for, and should mostly apply to my bar. However, it appears as if my bar may be a custom order/built bar. I know it was originally from Denver PD, and they used exclusively this bar for many years (And they still do). Anyways, the modules per the...
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    Documents for older Whelen Edge Ultra Freedom

    Hey guys, I have an 08 Crown Vic which was originally equipped with a Whelen Edge Ultra Freedom bar when it was upfitted. So it's an older bar, halogen takedowns and alleys but otherwise LED. I'd like to reprogram flash patterns and syncs, can anyone forward me to the wiring diagrams on the...
  8. J

    CHP assembly line

    You're absolutely right about the economy increase. And I know they don't care about petty things like Officer comfort, but overhead bars, moreso the big ones, are incredibly loud, and they shake at speed. They are also more expensive than a similarly equipped interior setup (Though obviously...
  9. J

    CHP assembly line

    I agree. They're probably so big that the guy making the decisions either hasn't ever driven a cop car, or surely hasn't driven one in a decade or two. The Legacy would be a nice upgrade.
  10. J

    CHP assembly line

    Carbide is decent, and they use it to its capability, but it isn't nearly as advanced as BluPrint. The amount of time they've been with a company in my opinion shouldn't have anything to do with the choice to stay with that company. Companies are constantly innovating, and we should be...
  11. J

    CHP assembly line

    They aren't terrible, I've seen worse of course, but a few qualms I have is they should be going to SOS for the BluPrint system, the advantages it offers are worth the cost. And I'm not even a huge fan of the nForce light bar, but the system as a whole is top notch. I also don't like the...
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    CHP assembly line

    I love the CHP, but their upfits are crap. Not surprising since they're done in house. I know I paid a good $5,000 more for my recent builds. But I got a bargain at twice the price for the quality and consistency I got.
  13. J

    Reasonable Cost?

    No that's for a full upfit with equipment :)
  14. J

    Reasonable Cost?

    $1600? Shit mine are closer to $16,000!
  15. J

    Caprice PPV and Impala: What Happens After 2017?

    The Gen 10 Impala will not be a consideration for us, we will not buy a FWD. Both of our Impalas needed transmissions and axles, one at 92,000 miles, the other at 108. If we got the Charger, it'd be a Hemi AWD, but the problems have been throughout the car. Fuel pumps, suspension rebuilds...
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    Caprice PPV and Impala: What Happens After 2017?

    I work for a small, 5 person department on an Interstate. We recently bought new cars. We currently have 2011 Impalas (2), a 2010 Charger, and 2008 CVPI's (2). The Impalas are awful. Small, not terribly reliable, hurting on performance, and small. The Charger has been a reliability nightmare...
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    New pov. 2014 Silverado

    Thanks for the link, seriously. We've got a Libby on one of our cars, and I hate that random pattern. May have to play with it. Thanks again!
  18. J

    New pov. 2014 Silverado

    Much more better. If I were you I'd slow down, and sync if possible, the rears.
  19. J

    New pov. 2014 Silverado

    Headlight and tailight flashers would be a significant step up in effectiveness.
  20. J

    Looking for a new duty flashlight

    I still carry a Streamlight Stinger LED that I bought in Jan 2009. Absolutely love it. SL replaced the head and tail assembly after just the lens cracked in a foot chase back in 2010. SL replaced the battery for me a few months ago. So 1 battery in 10 years, and it's so beat up practically the...
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    Can BluPrint control head do this?

    I've got several PIU's headed to my upfitter here in a few weeks. The upfitter is respected, they do quality work. However most the cars come out setup the same, and I want ours to be slightly different. One of the downsides of the BluPrint lightbar controller is you are restricted to 8...
  22. J

    Fire Department Utility/Service Trucks

    Remember kids, you can only respond to real fire emergencies. It's impossible to pre-emt yourself off of a low priority call if a higher one comes up.
  23. J

    New York State Police FINALLY getting new lightbar.

    That's their "new" light at? A bit behind the times are we?
  24. J

    Code 3 MX-7000 LED Conversion

    That's because there isn't much innovation to be had. A rectangle low profile bar is about as good as it's going to get. The Vision SLR is cool. Except it's $4000 before the upfit, and has the wind noise of a 747, just like it's halogen father. For an agency whose cars frequently do 100mph...
  25. J

    Tablet for GPS Use

    You're right about the battery/memory being heavy. I run a 5v adapter from the battery and then a charging cable to my phone mount, and it doesn't even break a sweat charging the phone to 100% while I'm running nav and music. But without that I'd have issues for sure. As for memory, on top...
  26. J

    Tablet for GPS Use

    I'm not huge into technology, but I think you're wrong. I'm pretty sure phones use GPS to locate the device, then data to draw the maps. Because even when I haven't had service for a good hour or so, I still have perfect device location. And with Google maps you can also download map sections...
  27. J

    Tablet for GPS Use

    Have you heard of a cell phone? I have a dock for my Galaxy S8 on my bike along with a charging cable. Works great, and I have all of the other cell phone functions too.
  28. J

    2013 rav 4 safety support vehicle

    Yay Split Fail flash patterns! And illegal green lights! (At least in my state) Also, I'm not sure what the point is in having to take 3 switching actions in order to turn on any warning equipment. That's not distracting at all. Furthermore, do you really need 4 switches for 3 light...
  29. J

    Funny vanity license plates

    I've got 4 new PIU's on the way, all black, driver's spot, wrap around push bumpers, and ghost graphics. Debating, if they'll let me, getting these tags on 1 of them: MABECOP
  30. J

    Which specific lights for Setina push bumper?

    Hey guys, I have a new Setina PB450 push bumper on the way for one of our cars. It is provisioned for Soundoff nForce lights, but I need to buy those separately. I see they are offered as surface mount, or as a deck/grill mount. Which one of these, or is there a different one, do I need to...

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