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  1. kerry4951

    Wanted Grote 54

    Thanks for the tip.
  2. kerry4951

    Anatomy and Restore of a 184 Power Light.

    Ive recently cleaned up rusty chrome soaking the pieces in Coca Cola (Phosphoric Acid) and Apple Cider Vinegar. Then scrub with 0000 steel wheel. Really worked well.
  3. kerry4951

    Wanted GROTE 7620/ 7622

    Ebay has loads of them
  4. kerry4951

    6v vs 12 volt issues

    I hear ya. Come to think of it Im not sure if I tried running a 4 bulb with motor on a 30 amp 6V converter. The things I run work fine on those converters but then Im not pulling that many amps like you are.
  5. kerry4951

    6v vs 12 volt issues

    I use those 12 volt to 6 volt ( 30 amp) "step down" converters on all my 6 volt lights. I run them off of a 12 volt 30 amp Pyramid power supply and it works fine...
  6. kerry4951

    Wanted Grote 54

    Looking to but a Grote 54 beacon if anyone has one to sell. I dont care about color or condition of the dome. Thanks
  7. kerry4951

    Lever Nuts instead of crimps

    Ive been using Wago's for years. They work great. The ones I've been using are the earlier version (larger gray) ones. Im sold on them.
  8. kerry4951

    Quadra Flash

    I have an NOS one that I can look at
  9. kerry4951

    Quadra Flash

    Colorado state used them but they were not mounted on a bar. Two separate lights mounted right to the roof
  10. kerry4951

    Wanted WTF Old Lightbar

    You better join some of the Facebook police car restoration sites to get some help. Ive been down the same road with several police car restorations and I know how hard it can be to source some of this equipment.
  11. kerry4951

    MARS Aurora Borealis Model 400

    Get ready for the offers. They are very desireable for collectors. Be cautious of any low ballers.
  12. kerry4951


    To bad, a clear Yankee dome is extremely rare. In fact any Yankee dome is rare because they didnt hold up well. Looking closely that one is damaged from what I can see.
  13. kerry4951

    Wanted Federal C5GA or C5GB, and A/S antenna ball mount

    C5's seem to be harder to find then some of the other models. I was looking for one for quite awhile and ended up buying from Gary Cahill (Rescue Market) fully restored. He doesnt always have them either.
  14. kerry4951

    Brand/Model of Beacon Light

    I agree with Tony
  15. kerry4951

    Positive purchase from Eric6913

    Very positive purchase from Eric and great communication and shipping. Item was just as shown and described.
  16. kerry4951


    Yes mine is also a 6 volt.
  17. kerry4951

    Jetsonic black covers

    Some had a black rubber like stick on material on them but its easier just to remove it and spray paint the tops flat black
  18. kerry4951

    For Sale COPLITE Undercover red flip-down light

    Thanks for that info. I never noticed the BIN button.
  19. kerry4951

    For Sale COPLITE Undercover red flip-down light

    Is this for sale or not? I dont see a price listed
  20. kerry4951


  21. kerry4951


    I havea Mdl 10 but was never able to find anything out about these. Never saw one in use or on a vehicle.
  22. kerry4951

    Joe Dorgan and ebay item

    There was discussion over on Facebook on a few of the light collector groups. There was a settlement agreement and he supposedly agreed to make good on all his past transgressions. Thats all I know. You might want to contact the Arizona AGs office for more details.
  23. kerry4951

    Joe Dorgan and ebay item

    Keep your fingers crossed. He's suppose to make good as part of the AGs settlement.
  24. kerry4951

    Mayberry Light

  25. kerry4951

    Mayberry Light

    Time to just give up Mike. I know I am
  26. kerry4951

    Mayberry Light

    The problem is one of the Mayberry collector websites has it wrong and thats what some keep referring back to. John Dorgan made mention years ago that the Mayberry light was a Model SW Skybolt. That was incorrect. Then later someone countered that claim saying it was a Mars RB-363 (3 bulb) and...
  27. kerry4951

    Mayberry Light

    Not you Mike

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