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  1. Tony P

    Peterbilt Oversize with Axixtech Torrent

    @thejudges69 please continue to update us. Don't let one naysayer change that. People like you are what makes the forum great. Honest, actual feedback.
  2. Tony P

    For Sale SoundOff nForce ILB Dual Color Red/White

    @LDEMS1 if you don't check the box "accept other payment means" when you don't include a PayPal email, it won't show up. I have checked the box for you
  3. Tony P

    For Sale Whelen dual raider red/red [Deleted]

    You should be able to use the orange buy it now button to instantly purchase the item, paying via PayPal.
  4. Tony P

    For Sale 22in Code 3 XL

    Please discuss shipping logistics, costs, etc via private message to prevent continually bumping your ad.
  5. Tony P

    For Sale 911Ep Galaxy

    It was because you didn't list an available quantity, so it said out of stock. I changed your quantity to 1 so it would show up.
  6. Tony P

    Peterbilt Oversize with Axixtech Torrent

    Axixtech should share your story as to how this has held up for that many miles
  7. Tony P

    For Sale Whelen Dominator D8 PLUS (AMBER)

    Just a heads up, your buy it now price lists $450
  8. Tony P

    Wanted GREEN Fed Sig Rotator filter kits SPL2-G (Streethawk/Aerodynic)
  9. Tony P

    New Member

    Welcome to the site!
  10. Tony P

    Newbie checking

    Welcome to the site! Lots of helpful folks here as well as some great deals!
  11. Tony P

    For Sale Short red rotater $60.+ shipping from 36608 AL.

    Price is listed at the top of the page in the bright orange buy it now box.
  12. Tony P

    Broke in newbie in Mobile, AL

  13. Tony P

    Timeline of equipment

    @Aaron W didn't receive any request from you, but I checked your permissions and you aren't locked out of editing.
  14. Tony P

    For Sale Whelen dominator amber

    The orange buy it now button at the top of the page indicates $150
  15. Tony P

    Vintage Catalogs:Sireno

    @Skulldigger it looks like the way back machine had it archived
  16. Tony P

    Vintage Catalogs:Sireno

    It is unlikely he will. He hasn't been on in over a year now (since he transferred ownership to Jman) and hasn't responded to my requests to complete a transaction
  17. Tony P

    For Sale SoundOff NForce interior light bar R/W

    Sure looks like it. Never seen someone charge elightbars members more... Especially since we don't get a cut of the sales like eBay and PayPal...
  18. Tony P

    For Sale (SOLD) Dietz 88-10074 AKA T3717 Bulb. Very Rare

    Usually the "out of stock/unavailable" is clue enough... I'll lock it
  19. Tony P

    putting agency owned lights in a pov

    And THAT is the end of your insurance discussion. The OP was simply asking if you would allow your agency to equip your ride or if you would just do it yourself. Stay on topic to that discussion. Thanks
  20. Tony P

    Wanted Whelen Crown Victoria Rear Inner Edge B/B

    @2015-Impala you should be discussing this in PM
  21. Tony P

    New guy from virginia

    Welcome! You're sure to find lots of help and info here
  22. Tony P

    For Sale Whelen spitfire ion

    It appears to be each. If you go to the "overview" tab, you can see the quantity listed. @lawdog50 is that correct?
  23. Tony P

    New from CO

    Welcome! Lots of great people here with tons of knowledge and products
  24. Tony P

    Negative Advanced Warning Lights |

    Tagging @Tom so he will receive a notification to respond
  25. Tony P

    For Sale Whelen Century 23 inch Red/White

    @bpollard your best bet is to upload your video to a free host such as YouTube, then paste the link here.
  26. Tony P

    Hello from Louisville.

    Welcome to the site officially! You'll find a lot of great information and knowledgeable folks here
  27. Tony P

    1990 crown vic LAPD resto/mod

    Let's keep it civil. Not all of us have the free time or extra cash we wish we did for these things...
  28. Tony P

    Wanted Whelen PC224 - PC227 Controller

    Guys, take this to pm.
  29. Tony P

    Support Can’t post for sale

    Holding it up and down, click the three white lines in the top left of the menu bar to access it

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