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  1. Jarred J.

    The GRANT thread (as in show me the money)

    So I have looked around the interwebs for a " one stop shop" for grants... Where do you guys go for Grant money when your organization doesn't qualify for fed or other type grants? Ones I have tried for.... Walmart... $1,000 for store or $2,500 if you have a DC near by. Lowe's... Up to...
  2. Jarred J.

    New Patrol Tahoe

    When I come down in August I need to look at it lol
  3. Jarred J.

    A visitors guide to japan's ambulance sirens...

    So the ambulances have at least 4 sirens and a voice annunciator...
  4. Jarred J.

    Nova Preemptor Mounting

    clear silicone... or window mount adhesive
  5. Jarred J.

    OFFICIAL New ECTO-1 Reboot Discussion Thread

    come on 2020!
  6. Jarred J.

    Feniex Announces Two New Divisions

    the warranty has now gone to 5 years.. but i have been told by "a few people" that the beacon and spotlight are "not feneix"
  7. Jarred J.

    Your Opinion: Setting up an F-150

    i could build one for less than that, neat concept though i guess...
  8. Jarred J.

    Sparky's 2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD

    buy another blue beacon, mount on poles on bed... "blues and 2s"
  9. Jarred J.

    Red AM 600 comparison..

    that will work but my goal is to just find a bigger magnet than whats already on there.. this is the second beacon i have with the "mag/vac" suction method and it does work well
  10. Jarred J.


    Odd it was posted by an imposter lol First post of 2019
  11. Jarred J.

    FEVER's STILL Never-Ending Comment Contest

    last post of the year (maybe) and maybe last post of FEVER's existence...
  12. Jarred J.

    FEVER's STILL Never-Ending Comment Contest

    Ask and you shall receive
  13. Jarred J.

    2019 Cherokee Tail Lights

    Well here comes the " no white to rear" and " motorist assists*" flame posters... o_O
  14. Jarred J.

    Food of the Gods

    We have a bacon thread... It's in the ring ..
  15. Jarred J.

    Triton question

    If your asking the difference between 200 and 100 watts... It's 3 db
  16. Jarred J.

    DIY arrow board?

    @MtnMan He stated it was an arrowboard trailer... im sure what ever agency "owns" i, itt has to have it to "some standard" cause its the gubment and all that
  17. Jarred J.

    The SOUND of Cheese

    in case you want to drive around like a 1990s alarm clock and wake up the old folks who recognize the sound...
  18. Jarred J.

    FEVER's STILL Never-Ending Comment Contest

    ICS 300 complete
  19. Jarred J.

    For Sale Soundoff Signal ETF 5000 blue LED

    ok your pics show edges, a 72 inch mx7000 and a vector/ vision... Are those included in this listing?
  20. Jarred J.

    FEVER's STILL Never-Ending Comment Contest

    Over a month later and I've only done 2 of them lol .. doing a third one tonight... I guess no more contest...
  21. Jarred J.

    New ride!!! 2011 Escape Upfit

    Updated night time console pics... Not as bright as the close up looks... But brighter than before... More on par with mini 4200 than the dead lighting bug stock...
  22. Jarred J.

    Wanted Whelen Flatlighter strobe - 1 blue filter

    there were 52 and 500 series lens for these lights... and i dont think it was dependant on the double/ quad flash version... And pete's right they dont fit, i found that out the hard way as well LOL
  23. Jarred J.

    2015 Nissan Altima HLF... Is it possible???

    I would get something like this.. add your HLF wiring to it, put a diode inline to keep the flasher from backfeeding to the BCM and on the wire you...
  24. Jarred J.

    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    what are the other wires running too? At least its loomed LOL
  25. Jarred J.

    2015 Nissan Altima HLF... Is it possible???

    So your saying the techs advice wasnt good enough for you, Or are you hoping their is a work around?
  26. Jarred J.

    New ride!!! 2011 Escape Upfit

    Well, i wasnt planning on any more additions for the year but our parade was Sunday... I noticed the sw400JJ looked "dimmer" so i popped the labels off and one of the incandescent back lights was out... I was planning upgrading to led anyways so here was my excuse to go ahead and do it... The...
  27. Jarred J.

    Cannon help

    every other one would be one color if its a dual color head light.

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