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  1. paff2

    Sound Off intersector wiring

    I have 2 Intersectors in single color. One has the inline flasher and the other has the built in one. Both have the the steady burn, and also show the slave option. Since I want to use an external flasher for them do I set to steady or slave? Also they appear to both have cruise mode as well. I...
  2. paff2

    2015 Silverado Crew

    Starting a install thread for my 2015 Silverado crew cab that will replace my previous 2011 Silverado crew. Planning to re install some of the same equipment with a few variations. Install will be at my own pace so the updates may be slow in coming. Front- Apollo Visor bar red/white or...
  3. paff2

    For Sale Carson SC409 Commander light/siren controller 200 watt

    Selling my Carson SC409 siren/light controller which is in good working condition. Knob on slide switch is not original, but stays on and works well. I have no use for it since I went with a smart siren instead. Not interested in trades Looking for 100.00 shipped
  4. paff2

    Wanted Pair of Sound Off Intersecters (under mirror)

    Looking for Red or Red/White. Looking to spend no more than 200/pr shipped to 17601. Also have some items to trade.
  5. paff2

    Wanted Jotto Desk console 2015 Silverado

    Long shot, but thought I would check before I purchase a new one @ 170.00 Looking for the vertical console for a 2015 Silverado w/o floor shifter. Would love to get a used one if possible. Thanks
  6. paff2

    Wanted Mic for SS2000SM

    As stated in the title looking only for a mic. Only reason I need it is to program my unit as the programming is currently locked. Let me know what you have
  7. paff2

    SS2000SM reset

    how do I reset all programmed buttons to off on start up? I bought a used unit and the gun lock and spotlight buttons are always powered on every time the unit starts up. Can I reset it without a mic?
  8. paff2

    Whelen PCC8R issue

    Customer called me recently that I did a install for a year ago regarding a issue with his PCC8R. The indicator light for the one button blinks twice when he pushes it. The lights connected to that switch do not operate. He is supposed to be dropping it off in the next few days but I am curios...
  9. paff2

    Powercall siren or similiar

     Back in the market for a Powercall type siren. Sho me or similar ok. Used preferred and remote type would be great. No switches needed. Let me know what you have.  Thanks
  10. paff2

    Name change from ch31391 to paff2

     Been here for pretty many years but I don't think I ever did a formal introduction. Since I requested a name change I decided that would be a great time to do a formal introduction as well.   I started in EMS in 1999 as an EMT. Within a year I joined my local department West Earl Fire Co as a...
  11. paff2

    Whelen inner edge red/blue for Crown Vic (front and rear)

     Front and rear inner edge removed from a Crown Vic. Both are red and blue combination. Front bar has takedowns and the rear bar has a built in TA. Both bars have the wires cut but everything works as it should. There are brackets on the bars that were used to mount to the headliner for the...
  12. paff2

    2011 Chevy Silverado Crew (Updated pics 6/24)

    As I posted before in my old install I am in the process of changing vehicles. Old with the old and in with the new. No lights installed yet but I have a partial planned list to start off. Hoping to get started next week after it comes back from some minor body work. Also posted a pic of the old...
  13. paff2

    Red ILB Feniex or Whelen

     I am in the process of starting a new install on a truck. Trying to decide between a Interior bar and 2 of the Cobra 2X. I missed the chance to purchase a red inner edge on Facebook for 250.00 so I am checking to see if anyone has a similar deal. Looking to spend no more than 250.00 shipped...
  14. paff2

    Linear series inner edge value (pics added 6/2)

    I am supposed to be getting a front and rear linear series inner edge in red and blue combo. DOM is 06 and 07 and the front does have take downs. Wondering what the value would be? Made for a crown Vic.
  15. paff2

    Voice paging vs Alpha numeric

     Our county is in the process of switching all radio transmissions to a P25 system. The next thing on the list (in a few years) will be paging. Our current paging is done on 33.90 and parts are harder and harder to find so hence the need for change. One option they are considering is strictly...
  16. paff2

    Whelen Edge 9M - convert to led?

     Recently picked up a Edge 9M lightbar. Bar is missing some lenses and the one corner strobe is the only thing that works. Debating either converting it to LED with freedom heads or cutting it in half and making 2 mini bars. Frame measures 44" currently without lenses. I know its been done but...
  17. paff2

    Relay - Ignition power issue

     A friend called me about an issue with his set up. He has his power going thru a relay with ignition power from a fuse with one of the add a fuse set ups. It will intermittently lose power which I figured was due to a wiring issue. Here is the weird part. If I connect the ignition wire to any...
  18. paff2

    Whelen PCC8R

     Getting ready to install a PCC8R next week. The guy would like me to set it up to have the front, rear, and side switched separately but also be able to have a master switch to turn all the lights on at once. I will be connecting it to a buss bar to make it easier to add lights later. Can I...
  19. paff2

    Whats draining my battery?

    So I was running a Carson SC409 for the last year or so without issue. I changed it out for the SS2000SM last week on Saturday. Parked the truck on Sunday and boom Tuesday night it is stone dead. Never had a issue before and tested the battery now and shows fine. I have it powered exactly like...
  20. paff2

    SS2000SM programming

     I am sure I read a question similar to mine a while back but I am not able to find it. I am trying to program this SS2000SM and it seems to take the programming but as soon as the unit is powered off and back on it goes back to the way it was when I got it. I am trying to program specific...
  21. paff2

    FF Dylan Holt

    While this is not being considered a LODD he was on duty as a live in at a volunteer station when he went into cardia arrest. He is from the same county as me but in the western part so I didn't know him.
  22. paff2

    Ipad mounts

     I know this was discussed previously but the last topic I found was from 2011. With that being said I am looking for current options to mount an Ipad Air in fire apparatus. Prefer a docking station with swivel or telescoping mount. Also prefer the ability to use a otter box or similar case for...
  23. paff2

    MVA 02:00 07/20/2014

     Dispatched for an MVA with a car into a tree, reported to be split in half, with ejection. First arriving units confirmed that report. Actual cause of the accident is under investigation but speed is an obvious factor. Sadly the occupant died shortly after arriving at the hospital. If I can...
  24. paff2

    Feniex Titan 100 issues

    I currently have 2 T100 heads mounted below my rear bumper that come one with my reverse lights. I have them wired to the reverse wire in the trailer plug, grounded, and fused inline. They lasted for 6 plus months then one burnt out completely. After sending it to Feniex and getting it back a...
  25. paff2

    LED Cadet throw light?

    So I was thinking of something different to have if I want to use a throw light. Hmm what do you think of this idea?
  26. paff2

    Feniex Titan 100 wiring

    I recently bought 3 of the 100 series. Two of them are flood and one is spot. The question I have is this. Two of them have 4 wires coming out and the other one has 2 wires. I found the PDF from Feniex and it only shows 2 wires. I am sure someone on here knows and since I couldn't find anything...
  27. paff2

    TIR3 with angled leds?

    In the recent past I remember reading here about a company that was making a TIR head with angled LEDs. Cant remember who and couldn't come up with anything on the search. I'm sure someone on here knows. Thanks
  28. paff2

    Cuda Signalmaster and a Code3 narrowstick controller

    As the title implies I am trying to control a Signalmaster with a narrowstick controller. After comparing diagrams of the 2 units I was able to get the arrowstick to power up but it is almost like a low power and the controller power button isnt even turned on. Obviously I am not doing something...
  29. paff2

    Fuse block question

    I have the fuse block pictured below. I currently have a relay hooked to it for ignition power but would like to have the option to have power to it at times when the ignition is off. There is a place on the other side that I could hook another power wire from a constant hot with a switch. If I...
  30. paff2

    07 silverado console question

    I have a 07 silverado new body style and I am getting ready to install a custom console. I have the full front seat with an open floor and am wondering what the best way is to fasten the console. Can I use a self tap screw into the floor or is there wiring etc that would be under the carpet...
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