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  1. gtpts27

    Wanted NTB: Advantedge 4500 plus lenses for ambulance

    I've got a good number of 4500 lenses. Definitely have blue and clear endcaps and clear straights (maybe a blue or two straight). Can't remember if I have red. Double check w Clarence that his are 4500 lenses (look like they could be 4000 lenses not 4500 based on optics but can't really tell).
  2. gtpts27

    Nice Surprise

    Ditto @Pete L. I love when I receive an item that has almost no packing, arrives damaged, and then the seller blames it on the shipping company. Either way, nice find/good surprise.
  3. gtpts27

    Timeline of equipment

    Yeah I'm sure one can still be found in service today, but it obviously wouldn't be typical. To clarify, I'm hoping to learn when they quit being a part of Federal's "regular" product line and am only looking for a rough estimate of when they would no longer have been in common use. To limit...
  4. gtpts27

    Timeline of equipment

    I see the Federal Propello Ray came on scene in 1949. Wondering when Federal quit making Model 19s and roughly when they would've stopped being seen in service.
  5. gtpts27

    Wanted Purple F.S. Vision/Vector Domes

    I dug mine out. Pics attached. Have these 3 but certainly interested in buying more if any out there (as noted above, I believe op here already found the two he was searching for, so don't think I'm hijacking).
  6. gtpts27

    How many light bars do you have in your collection?

    I was referring more to the different FB light bar groups than Marketplace. I have found stuff on Marketplace but that's more luck - a lot like finding something on Craigslist.
  7. gtpts27

    Wanted Purple F.S. Vision/Vector Domes

    Can't at the moment. They are currently hiding somewhere in the forest of storage bins in my garage. I believe @adamogden recently acquired a pair. Perhaps he can.
  8. gtpts27

    Wanted Part # 300XL024 timing belt for Code 3 XL

    I've used this. It's a 300XL025. Not 100% sure but I think 025 means it's 0.25" wide (300 = 30.0" long).
  9. gtpts27

    How many light bars do you have in your collection?

    @Chrysny413 I overpaid for a few bars when I first started and also bought some stuff I didn't really want but, discounting that learning curve, it all comes down to how much I want it, how rare it is/how likely another is to come along, and, of course, what the market value is vs the price...
  10. gtpts27

    Wanted Code 3 XL SAE-W3-82

    I have an amber XL dome with one endcap (ie for one side of a full bar, not for a mini). PM if interested.
  11. gtpts27

    How much is this Federal Signal aerodynic worth

    $100-$250 plus ship depending on where it's sold and who buys it. A knowledgeable collector would be at low end and may just buy for parts. Less knowledgeable person buying off eBay and who really wants one could be on higher end. 24RQ brings lowest prices of any Aero and cloudy candycane domes...
  12. gtpts27

    Wanted ISO Vector/Vision Domes

    One in nice, close to NOS, condition. 3 in good condition (intact, would benefit from a polish but usable as-is).
  13. gtpts27

    Wanted ISO Vector/Vision Domes

    Price will depend on condition. I should be able to get pics by tomorrow.
  14. gtpts27

    Wanted ISO Vector/Vision Domes

    I think I've got 3 used ambers, maybe 4. If still needed, pm me and I'll look for them.
  15. gtpts27

    Wanted StarBar frame

    Looking for a StarBar frame (or PowerArc PA frame...). Frame for 48" bar preferred (bar w 2 outer domes and 1 middle dome) but would also take a frame for 36" bar (bar w just 2 outer domes/no middle dome). Just need frame to be free of broken off screws and such. Pics below obviously of...
  16. gtpts27

    Painting yellowed Liberty LED boards

    I'm not a paint expert but I think you'd want to use something that can stand up to some heat. I don't think a craft acrylic paint (what you show in your pic) is the way to go. Perhaps something like an automotive touch-up paint could work (sold in small bottles at auto parts stores)? Would just...
  17. gtpts27

    Wanted Whelen 994

    Anyone have one with uncracked dome?
  18. gtpts27

    Wanted Whelen 5200/Commander complete or just dome

    Looking for a complete unit (don't need -PA model) or just a dome... uncracked dome and otherwise descent/working condition.
  19. gtpts27

    Wanted Lightbar frame

    For which bar? SD? XL?
  20. gtpts27

    Wanted Flush mount Whelen Edge frame

    Getting closer but that's still an Advantedge frame, just an earlier generation (4000 Advantedfe, other was a 4500, but there was a 5000 that came between the 4k and 4.5k). Blue below is example of what I'm after (though frame too short for my needs). Endcap is a partial Edge endcap, and...
  21. gtpts27

    Wanted Flush mount Whelen Edge frame

    No, unfortunately, but I appreciate suggestion. Those are 4500's, which are in the Advantedge lineage. I need a flush mount Edge frame, which are much less common.
  22. gtpts27

    Wanted Tomar 925 name plates

    Bump. Still looking.
  23. gtpts27

    Wanted Gear for Fed Sig Crossfire

    Bump. Still looking.
  24. gtpts27

    Wanted Flush mount Whelen Edge frame

    Bump. Still looking.
  25. gtpts27

    For Sale Whelen Commander bar

    Not mine. Listed local pick up but description states he might be open to shipping.
  26. gtpts27

    Wanted B-Link / Edge 10000 Lightbar Endcaps
  27. gtpts27

    Whelen 90h rotators with fluted filters. Pics and Video. Now in a lightbar...

    @Usmc69187 For what it's worth, what I do in such situations (when I'm mining old threads for iso items) is pm the original poster directly rather than comment on a long dead thread. That's generally more effective and is more inline with preferred practices, as it prevents unnecessary posts and...
  28. gtpts27

    Wanted Iso blue code 3 oscillator lenses

    Thanks for referral. Unfortunately sold those units awhile back.
  29. gtpts27

    tsquale's PITA dome he doesn't need but is salvaging thread

    Assume you used a drill w the 3M kit? Also may need to take more material off with the gold discs (500 grit) and/or get more of them. You can buy the discs on Amazon.
  30. gtpts27

    Green SD and a couple other videos

    Did you ever get that green Advantedge from Steve?
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