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    Fire Department Alerting System

    The relay inside the amplified charger is very small. You really should use a separate power supply, if for no other reason than to prevent feeding the amplified charger's internal relay contacts the voltage spike created by breaking the external relay's coil circuit. Relay Dry Contact Closure...
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    Tahoe Setup Ideas

    A pair of Whelen dual Raiders would get you the desired TIR6 optics in a with the steady burn capability you need.
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    For Sale Earliest Model 12 Twinsonic - Vertical Slot Speaker Grille

    I wonder if @ryan got them. That couldn't be much more than an hour from him.
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    Wanted Purple F.S. Vision/Vector Domes

    The magenta lens is part 8572001A-06 and is listed in the Vision installation manual and Premium Vision installation manual: Source: Source:
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    For Sale Earliest Model 12 Twinsonic - Vertical Slot Speaker Grille

    Here are two Model 12 TwinSonics and two sets of spare lenses for sale in Newton, Ohio: One of the Twins has to be a very early model, judging by the speaker grille with the vertical slots and the...
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    Newbie From Chicago

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    Gifts from a neighbor.

    That looks to me like an Ecco bar, mainly because of the horizontal lines on the lenses. I think they call it a model 48" Evolution: Source:
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    Aerodynic Clutch Gear Repros?

    Do you know what those missing teeth would have been for?
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    Federal Signal Pathfinder Siren/Light controller

    Do you have an example of the Powercall you describe with only one tone on the unit? I've never seen one like that.
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    Hide-A-Blasts wiring issue

    I took a look at the installation manual, which I found here: Two things come to mind: In the Pattern Selection Timing table, powering the blue pattern selection wire for more than five...
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    Using Ford Supplied Connectors

    The 33471-0441 part number there indicates that is a Molex connector in the MX150 series. You should be able to source pins from Waytek, Digikey, or Mouser.
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    Using Ford Supplied Connectors

    Now I understand, you're trying to determine what pins you need to populate your connectors.
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    Using Ford Supplied Connectors

    Have a look at a recent Upfitter Guide, here: On page 76 of the PDF, or page 2-53 of the guide, you will see that the siren speaker connector is part BU2Z-14S411–TA. There is a Wiring...
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    question about siren/light interface abilities.

    The Whelen ULF44 would provide you the two flash patterns you're looking for, at least for your directional lightheads. The ULF44 is a four-channel flasher, capable of supplying a maximum of 5 amps per channel. You will probably need four ULF44s to flash the 22 directional lightheads how you...
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    Wanted Liberty Opticom

    The last user to list Liberty GTT Opticom emitters was @maddux31. He claimed to have several and was blowing them out for $50 each. If you come across his old thread or if you find him by some other means, be warned. He was banned by site staff. Look here...
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    Wanted Wanted Fireball 2 lens and mirrors model fb2 series B1

    Do you need non-optic lenses for a halogen Fireball 2, or fresnel lenses for a strobe Fireball 2?
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    Howler wiring

    There are two relays built in to your 295SLSA6 that you could use for this purpose. Have a look at this excerpt from page 4 of the installation manual: Source: Edit: @MtnMan had the answer two minutes before me. Nice!
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    What is the difference between an SX Liberty and an SL Liberty?

    Check out the SXKT**** listed on page 3 from Whelen's catalog LB06:
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    Code 3 36” lightbar question

    I have never seen a factory 36" XL either. However, the idea has been tried at least once before:
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    Code 3 36” lightbar question

    Recall that the XL series is not the only sealed beam bar Code 3 produced. The SD series bars are definitely becoming collectible!
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    Code 3 36” lightbar question

    Please, please don't. Instead of destroying them, please consider letting them go to a collector who can appreciate them for what they are.
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    Code 3 36” lightbar question

    There were some sealed beam mini bars, well shorter than 36" however: Credit: @JohnMarcson
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    Federal Signal TM4 Panel Lights

    You can connect Terminal 1 to your existing ignition-switched source without issue. The only real drawback is that the backlighting operates at full intensity, as it is not connected to the application's instrument panel dimmer.
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    Unity / Whelen RV26 (MSP led beacon)

    Here are the missing images from @unlisted's post, number 10:
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    For Sale NOS 4537 100 watt PAR 46 sealed beam lamps

    Here are two new in the box old stock AC brand 4537 sealed beam bulbs for $5 in Portage, Wisconsin:
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    wraparound Edge bars

    Here are the missing images from @JohnMarcson's post, number 14:
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    Wanted Fed sig FireRay

    Another name for the strobe version of the FireRay is the GS5. You may have more luck in your search using that model number.
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    Wanted Flush mount Whelen Edge frame

    Now I see. Thanks for taking the time to post photos to better explain what you're after.
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    Wanted Mars 888 Lenses

    Do you need clear or red?
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    Wanted Flush mount Whelen Edge frame

    I hope I am not leading you down the wrong path, but this half Edge looks different: The end lenses seem to attach to the bar without the black plastic wings like in the first two ads I linked. Is this one of the...
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