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  1. jph2

    Newbie From Chicago

    Welcome to eLB! Great source of information and you'll get help finding what you're looking for, too. :)
  2. jph2

    Gifts from a neighbor.

  3. jph2

    Nice Surprise

    Nice find and great surprise! Can't beat the price and glad it arrived unscathed. :)
  4. jph2

    Twinsonic CTS1S

    That bar looks AMAZING! Federal wishes it looked that good when it left the factory! :)
  5. jph2

    My Multnomah County Twinsonic project

    Another great addition to your collection. Great job with the spruce-up and very cool to end up with a Multnomah bar! Hat tip for the vid as well. :)
  6. jph2

    wraparound Edge bars

    When your Edge goes all the way around, wouldn't that actually be an Edge-guard? ;)
  7. jph2

    Unity / Whelen RV26 (MSP led beacon)

    Nice to see this up close and personal right down to the innards! :)
  8. jph2

    Signal Stat Model 339

    Nice addition to your collection with the blue FS Fireball II! :)
  9. jph2

    Newbie From NC

    Welcome to eLB! Great group here! :)
  10. jph2

    Japanese PATLITE Teardrops and Clarion AA-227A Siren

    Nice additions to your collection! :)
  11. jph2

    For Sale Whelen Commander bar

    It's a Christmas bar! Red can lights and green beacon.
  12. jph2

    Anatomy and Restore of a 184 Power Light.

    Nice addition to your collection and great set of shots of the condition, innards, and cleanup! :)
  13. jph2

    Your favourite 'weird' vehicles, some real, some "photoshops"

    Not to mention, they look like they're standard US with the driver sitting on the left, so not even right-hand drive! :o
  14. jph2

    refurbed federal model 17

    Looks sharp! :)
  15. jph2

    New Finds

    Nice way to start the new year! :)
  16. jph2

    Haven't posted in a while, here is what I am working on

    Nicely done as always! You breathed new life into that Signal Stat even if it still needs some more cleaning. I also love the Delta. :)
  17. jph2


  18. jph2

    Blue Federal Signal Flash Ball

    Nice find! Looks fantastic. I like that the label is in such great condition. :)
  19. jph2

    New Member

    Welcome to eLB! Great site and great group here! :)
  20. jph2

    Newest Addition, Sireno Jr. about 1912-1915

    That thing is a work of art! Great find and a very cool addition to your collection. :D
  21. jph2

    Flashball on e bay

    Both those Flashballs are in great shape! Lt, your label looks fantastic! Frankly, I'm partial to blue, but it will look nice either way. :)
  22. jph2

    Newbie checking

    Like Tony said, welcome. You already know there's a great group here. :)
  23. jph2

    Broke in newbie in Mobile, AL

    Welcome to eLB! We all over bought for a hobby! ;)
  24. jph2

    SirenO, The Original Vehicle Siren

    Nice find! Great work restoring that piece of history. And nice background info, too. :)
  25. jph2

    Beacon Ray Model 17

    Good for you! Nice find! It looks sharp. :)
  26. jph2

    Smith & Wesson model 610 Pathfinder

    Nice light! I did not know these existed until now. :)
  27. jph2

    Official PHOTOS Thread

    Actually, it's because in Soviet Russia, car drives YOU!
  28. jph2

    New guy from virginia

    Welcome to eLB! Great group here. :)
  29. jph2

    restored Firehawk FHL

    Nicely done! Looks new and I agree the white base with blue lenses is cool!
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