08 Impala. All new Feniex install, w/ Code 3 & Sound Off

First I apologize for not having pics of the ongoing install. I have made a video for youtube that i'm posting. I'll give some highlights and the equipment list.


Feniex Products:

Apollo Front Interior bar Impala specific B/W w/ Flood Option

4 Apollo F6's B/W

2 Cobra T6's B

2 Cannon 120's B/A

Cobra 800 B w/ Amber flashing takedowns

SoundOff Signal



Code 3

2 Essex Light heads B

Spyder Auto

LED Tail Lights


I have a 9 function Brookings Industries Switch box w/Pursuit slide switch, I have 3 modes on the slider.

1. Rear warning

2. Rear and Front warning

3. Rear, Front warning with white led modes.

When using the TLF with rear warning I also hooked the TLF up to a secondary switch on the box that also activates the amber takedowns on the Cobra 800. This is used for non fire dept related road side help. I used 3 amp diodes from Radio shack to keep the back feed from activating the blue lights on slide position #1.

I also used a set of Apollo F6's as blue warning and additional reverse lights.

I mounted a set of Apollo F6's flush on the side of the front bumper. to do this and make it fit, you have to drill a hole in the Feniex "L" bracet so the wires will go through and it all fits flush.

Mounting the cobras to the front grill was fun. Takes a sharp eye to drill the mounting holes just in the right spot on the grill to keep them facing forward and not tilting up or down. This is not using any brackets of course.

Everything else was normal installation. 

Thanks for looking, here is the video link and a link to where I purchased my equipment.


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I agree, it looks like a very good install minus fast patterns. I would slow down the HLF and the lights in the grille and by the rear LP. The colors are good, the light placement looks great, and no split patterns.  :thumbsup:


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Very nice!

The only part I don't like is the HLF/TLF, never have cared for those flashers.


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Looks great. Did u have to mount the rear LP lights to the lower part of the LP area due to state regs (ie can't obscure top part) or was that choice? I'm not a fan of LP lights mounted there when there's a choice, but I understand we all have certain restrictions.

Only thing I would've done differently is a little more Amber to the rear and maybe blue intersectors

Also, was that an upgraded brake light kit? I like it for the TLF


I have a 2011 Impala, how were you able to mount to the lower grill? Since it's all plastic, cause I can't get to the lower grill from above or bottom.
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I removed the upper grill but not the bottom grill. If you get under the car you will see where you can run wires through and behind the grills. Patience is the key.

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