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1971 satellite Adam-12 replica


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Hey y’all,
Just bought a 1971 Plymouth satellite yesterday and my ultimate plan is to make it into an Adam-12 unit. I am in need of some assistance to find some equipment.

-Trio T-2 can lights (reproduction)
-Hot sheet desk
-cp25 siren speaker
-shotgun rack
- Motorola motrac radio

D346920B-4FE8-4256-B3F0-1306E3607AAB.jpeg 883C8656-A291-4431-8A27-D5FDFE38749B.jpeg 435B5159-A231-4F99-9953-AB6C15DE66F9.jpeg 430843E7-BBC0-4259-849A-7D43D52C8F7D.jpeg C863047E-EDFC-498C-853F-06AC07979497.jpeg 91C07796-397D-4049-944B-43222369D05E.jpeg 78685CDB-9AC5-4229-ABAD-5C98CDC5C58A.jpeg


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That'll be a cool ride once completed, man! Stay true as you can to the show ;)


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Wow talk about total driver control... looks like the a/c controls on his bottom left... Talk about no its not too cold and dont reach across me when im driving!!

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