2002 Trailblazer POV

This is my 2002 Chevy Trailblazer, used for POV response direct to the station for EMS and to scene for my FD


AWL Venom interior lightbar

Whelen 500 series grille lights


Whelen TIR3


Strobes n More E series HAW

Code3 XT4


Whelen 295HFSA5 in the center console

Whelen SA315 mounted with the Trailblazer specific bracket in the drivers side wheel well

The TIRs in the side windows are just placeholders for now, hopefully they'll get moved to an intersection bracket and I can get something else as money comes available. I also have 2 white AWL T3s that I'm debating on either syncing with the 500 series in the grille or trying to put together some kind of flashing takedown setup just for kicks, any thoughts?


I like it, very easy and simple install, very clean and very effective.

Only thing I'd change is the pattern on the Venom. The in-out pattern looks a lot better and I've noticed that it has slowed more people for me than any other pattern I've used with the venom. But hey, that's up to you, if you like it you like it.

Zapp Brannigan

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Welcome to the group of TB owners here on the site!!

Also join up GMTNation.com!!


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I'd leave the TIR3's where they are and use the AWL's for intersection warning. For up front, I'd definitely add a headlight flasher...inexpensive, effective, & and bright IMO


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Grill lights look great! Love the single amber in the rear

Zapp Brannigan

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The only thing I personally would change, is the light behind the grille.


Thanks for all your comments, guys. A few things:

I've thought about a HLF since I bought the car, but after my experience putting a HLF into my old Blazer I was kind of wary of trying it again. After looking at http://elightbars.org/forums/f32/no-splice-headlight-flasher-29134/ I'm really thinking about giving it a shot once I take a closer look at my headlights.

The grille lights got put there as sort of a temporary solution with the intent of eventually putting them behind the grille, and then they just kind of.....stayed there. Now that the weather is nicer and I have some more free time they'll probably get remounted sometime soon.


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I like the grill lights where they are. Sense your interior bar uses TIR optics the linear grill lights give you some off axis light output to the front.

John Smith

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The Venom bar needs the pattern changed, maybe a simple left vs right alternating quad flash. Some white in the bar would've added a bunch, but I realize it's too late for that.

I like the grill lights, leave those alone.

Definitely need to add a headlight and tail light flasher. I'd prefer a TLF over the HAW.

The side warning in the 3rd window serves no purpose really, but I guess it's fun? Since you're responding those lights would be much more effective to the front of the car, maybe on the side of the bumper or front fender or mirrors.

The rear is good since you won't be stopped in the roadway since you only do response. I'd still slow the pattern down on the rear, a simple slow single alternating flash like CHP would be good.

Cleaning Traffic

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Looks good to me. Cant go wrong with a pair of hideaways in the back-up lights alternating with the tail lights (day time rear visual). Lights in the rear window is good for perimeter/intersection lighting, maybe upgrade to a dual light there. But all in all....sweet!


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You folks do realize the post was from 2013, he probably doesn't have that vehicle anymore.

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