2006 Dodge Megacab Install ideas

May 22, 2010
Central WV
What are your requirements/local laws, colors, brand preference, budget, etc.? Siren?

HAW strobes only or would you like LED inserts? Do you want everything slicktop/undercover?
May 22, 2010
Central WV
Without knowing the answer to the above, this is what I would go with...


Predator II Dual below RVM (maybe an UltraLite 4 or 8 above the RVM...or maybe even an Interior Pinnacle if you are interested in an interior lightbar)

HAW in turn signals

x4 Ghosts in "x-pattern" in grill

maybe a HLF or Universal Undercovers in the fog lights


LED3s on LP bracket for intersection warning

Ghosts mounted in rear doors

maybe some Intersectors under the side mirrors (these are awesome little lights!)


UltraLite 8 or 12 TA and warning light

HAWs in brake lights and reverse lights


Siren and light controller like the 380 or 380R, or a switchbox if you don't need a siren (regular or digital)

x1 or 2 100D or 100E speakers

PM me if you are interested in a quote on any of the above equipment or a package deal on an entire setup. Also, while I have stock left, I can get you a great deal on some 911EP equipment, depending on what color(s) you need/want. Let me know if you have any questions.

cory y

May 21, 2010

Slimlighter above rvm

Any dual head dashlight. Talon, avenger, viper... whatever your preference

2 700 series on/in grille (big grille use a big head)

Haw in turn signals

Hlf on high beams


slimlighter in rear doors


Microman arrowstar with end flashers

Haw in the upper brake and back ups


May 26, 2010
New York & Florida
assuming you need full 360 warning, i'd do the following



--(2) M7 grill lights mounted to the exterior of the grill

--(2) SOS universal undercover inserts in the fogs, or (2) vertexes (which you could very easily sync w/ the M7's)

--(1) tomar 200s high power dash light


--whelen lin6 on the sides of the front bumper

--SOS intersectors (prob. using the 10 degree wedges) or Ghosts clipped beneath the mirrors


--2 tir6 slimlighters on the headliner on bail mounts, or an ultralite 8 w/ L-brackets

--(4) SOS universal undercover inserts (2 red in the brake lights, 2 amber in the reverse)

assuming you can use a siren, I'd mount a cencom gold on a bail bracket right around the recessed area beneath the A/C controls.

the older bulky spectras would be kinda tough in a bench seat, so if you could, then i'd get a remote control head and mount it in the console. whelen sa315 speaker behind the grill.

unlike the others, i don't think its necessary to have lighting up front above the RVM because you're gonna be higher up than most other vehicles (your dash light will prob. be seen in the RVMs of other ppl and anything above your RVM prob won't be seen unless the ppl in front of you are far away)


May 31, 2010
Salisbury / Charlotte NC
I guess I should have been more specific...I just need pics of installs. I have the following to mount:

1. 110 watt Spectra with A9 head

2. Axixtech Xtreme 9 r/r/r x2

3. Pimp pod 3LED r x2

3. Pimp Pod 3LED a x2

4. Sho-me Arrow with controller

5. 6 HAW strobes with a 690 and 660 PS

6. Whelen beta 112 (airhorn function only)

I am planning on doing some sort of custom switch(es) in the area to the right of the A/C controls. Probably 2 Contura switches.

I will more than likely pick up 2 more Xtreme 9's for the grille and an ELS bar for the RVM. All LED's will be sync'ed.

Thanks to all the replied.

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