2010 Ford CVPI stereo mute in drive


May 21, 2010
Atlanta, GA
I've been asked about another issue and I have herd it before but can't remeber the fix. The new 2010 CVPI we got when you put the vehicle in drive the AM/FM goodtimes radio is muting and as soon as you put it in park it comes back on. Any ideas, fixes?

We just got a fleet of 2010 CVPI, i didn't get one but a couple of the guys have asked me if there is a way to disable the interior dome light shy of taking the whole bulb out. Any ideas?

They said they checked the manual and couldn't find anything.
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May 24, 2010
Dark mode is now a dealer-programming issue, if it wasn't spec'd from factory. Basically, have to take car to dealer and have them program the LCM.
Nov 21, 2010
Pelican Rapids, MN
zacmtz7 said:
asked another question about a muting problem for am/fm radio

I have had this happen when using the park/neutral wire in police harness under pass. side dash. Disconnected wire and it was fixed. I didn't try diode isolating or any other fix since the customer hadn't asked for the feature. I'm curious about what you learn.

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