2011 Chevy Impala 9C3 PPV


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After much planning, purchasing, and persistent work, My second POV is finally done. This vehicle is a 2011 Chevy Impala 9C3 PPV. I purchased this from the federal government at auction in December of 2017. At that time, the vehicle only had 35,000 miles. This car is my daily driver and is about to turn 75,000 miles. It has been set up with a minimal light/siren package. Here is the equipment installed:


Jotto Desk Impala Console/Base
Motorola XTL2500 UHF radio
Unitrol Touchmaster Delta siren
2 Carling rocker switches
Progard Safestop ignition system
Kussmaul USB charger
Sirius XM radio on Ram Mount
Magnetic mic clips
Streamlight Stinger DS with charging cradle
Soundoff Signal dual color dome light

Federal Signal ES100C on Impala Bracket
Whelen Ions (Behind grill and third side glass)
Whelen Spitfire Ions (on rear deck)
Whelen Single Avenger DUO (mounted on headliner bracket above RVM)
Whelen Impala Police Package flasher

Trunk: (on 1/8" aluminum plate)
Whelen SLFLASH flasher
Blue Sea Systems fuse block
100 amp circuit breaker
14 Volt 100 amp solenoid
Samlex 300 watt power inverter


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Looks good.
Thoughts on the smart logic flasher? Easy to plan out? Easy to program?
The smart logic flasher is absolutely awesome. Its very easy to program. The only thing I wish it had is the capability for multiple units to be synced together, like the ULF44.


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Nicely laid out. Lighting is simple but very effective and the same goes for your choice of patterns. Outstanding job with the wiring. I would just throw some simple intersection warning into the lower air dam in the front. Not sure if you clear intersections, but the side lighting in the rear quarter window suggests that you want to be seen from the side.


Nice set-up. After driving one of those for a couple of years with a very similar Red/Blue set-up, my only criticism would be the necessity for some intersection warning.

Your options are limited but as Kradog25 said you could add a light head down in the lower air dam area, or use something on a front license plate bracket or opt for some grommet mounted light head cut into the front fairing.

In my personal experience (Urban environment ~ 750 000 ppl), these cars are difficult to grab the attention of cross traffic with, and dangerous punching through Intersections without adequate intersection warning.

Take Care & Good Luck
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Thanks for the input regarding intersection warning. This vehicle is a daily driver for me, and is setup with a minimal lighting package for POV response to my fire station. This vehicle will never be exceeding 60 MPH responding to incidents, and typically only has to clear a single 3 way intersection on its way to the fire station. It may also from time to time be used along the highway to direct traffic.

If it were being shipped to a police agency that was going to be driving high rates of speed all over a jurisdiction, I would certainly agree to add intersection lights. For what I am doing, I feel its just fine setup the way it is. If you watch closely in the video, you will see that the ION in the grille as well as the Avenger above the rear view mirror is providing some intersection coverage.

The goal with this is to keep things as simple yet effective as possible.

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