For Sale 2014 Ford Police Interceptor Utility

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  1. EDIT: Updated price, more detailed description, adding picture of carfax report ran on 11/1/2017.

    25k, Up for sale is my 2014 Police Interceptor Utility. It's the 3.7L N/A motor, just turned 75k. Former Police vehicle, purchased it with around 42k, early 2016. Brand new high performance brake pads and rotors, new tires, just switched over to Amsoil. Lights are mostly Soundoff Signal Nforce Dual Red/Blue, the visor bar and rear traffic bar are Tri color Nforce, Red/white/blue. Lights can be programmed for whatever combination of red/blue (and white) you desire. Currently one mode I have set is red/white, and the second mode I have is red on left side, blue on right side (with white activated in the visor bar). Powered by a Feniex 4200 controller with an android Bluetooth module, Havis 24" Console with tablet mount, arm rest, etc. Setina pushbumper with built in Nforce lights and the wrap around headlight guard. Havis equipment tray with all equipment mounted near spare tire. Feniex 200W siren with Whelen projector series speakers. Rigid industries midnight edition dually fog lights and SR-series 20" light bar, rigid SR-M backup lights. Feniex red/white cannons in the taillights. Fully equipped tow package installed with electronic brake controller. Blackvue DR650S 2 channel video recording system. Many other options as well. Everything but the radios and tablet are included, will leave the Kenwood TK-790 VHF radio installed if that's what frequency your department is using, can also program for you as well. Also has HID upgraded headlights.

    21617594_10155747804929595_6655542681814368528_n.jpg 21616050_10155747804664595_7225807732876698862_n.jpg 21617464_10155747804809595_9126191682814674203_n.jpg 21686277_10155747804274595_7512932618033253878_n.jpg 21764868_10155747805014595_101806118191697931_n.jpg 21761770_10155747804534595_6490758990001153208_n.jpg 21687753_10155747804714595_7147920711310417094_n.jpg 21686195_10155747804474595_4917392463457053376_n.jpg Carfax.jpg
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    Is the price accurate?
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  3. Sorry, should say $31,000, i will change that, thank you!

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    Average contract base price for a new 2017 FPIU is $26,800
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  5. Does the contract base price include everything I have mentioned above installed? I am simply accounting for the cost I have into it, minus the mileage and year I have put on it. As most of us should know, Soundoff and havis equipment are not cheap. You can also throw out an offer and I will consider it.
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    Patrick, just for reference regarding your asking price, a quick search of CL where I am gets me these two 2014 piu's with just slightly higher mileage at 100K.. a Mass SP livery at $10k or a sweet all black like yours for $13495.! And thats only the first two 2014's that show up.

    IMG_3143.JPG IMG_3145.JPG
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news
  7. I would sell the bone stock vehicle with no lights/sirens/console, etc installed in it for $15,000, the asking price reflects the vehicle price plus all the additional equipment installed, which is a substantial amount of money in equipment. I would simply prefer to sell the vehicle as a whole package, rather than remove everything and sell it individually.
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    Is the spare tire, jack, lug wrench included? Also, the owners manual and how many sets of key do you have? Thanks
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    Enough. Thread has been cleaned up. If you're not interested, do not reply. If you want to continue going back and forth on this take it to PM.

    Further replies ridiculing the seller for their asking price will result in a 7 day suspension, without further warning.

    This is not one of the Facebook groups where we are going to tolerate this kind of behavior.
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  10. Thank you Sir, I appreciate it!
  11. Bump, Price drop
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    Patrick - sent you an message to your inbox. Thanks!
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    EDIT: Updated price, more detailed description, adding picture of carfax report ran on 11/1/2017.
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