2017 F450 STX SoundOff HLF

Discussion in 'SoundOff Signal' started by StewartComm, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. StewartComm

    StewartComm Registered Member

    I'm doing an install on a 2017 F450 STX within the next few weeks and I'm having trouble locating the correct HLF. From my understanding, I only have one option for the TLF which is the ETFBSSN-P.

    The SoundOff Website Flasher Lookup shows: ETHFSS-SP

    Other professionals in the industry say to use: ETHFSS-FV

    Then leads the question as to whether or not I require an Isolation flasher...

    Any guidance/direction would be much appreciated! Thank you!

  2. EVT

    EVT Member

    They are the same thing. The FV just has the pass side wires extended and a bracket so lots of people use them cuz eaiser to.install. It's made for the Ford Interceptor Utility. Both both are simply an ISO (4 wire) HLF.

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