2017 Ford Utility Police Interceptor - Ground Location

Looking for a little help in my 2017 PI install. What is the best place to find a ground location that is near the factory power distribution connection behind the 2nd row seats.

Thanks !


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I Believe I Posted a Link to fords Upfitter guide on rear power Distribution Points with Pictures! check my recent Topics... ill search and grab the link again..


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hmmm why does that seem stupid to me, started on the left fender, off to the right, now to the floor.... whos working on this stuff over there... Morons???


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thats like I just found the 04 CV Interceptor modifiers guide where theres supposed to be a standard of a horn ring setup to activate your airhorns or sirens and its not. there should be 4 connectors i have 3 and then theres a split wire coming off 1 hookup that i cant identify cause i dont have a Specific wiring guide as to what goes to what off the connectors, but they cut 1 of those wires and spliced it back together but WHAT HE HECK IS IT!!! Does anyone have the wiring guide for 04 CV's out there??

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