2018 Chevy police tahoe


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Hello all... While upfitting a 2018 Chevy Police Tahoe I accidentally found a wire in a supplied center console wiring which activated the taillight/backup lights to alternate. According to Chevrolet upfitters guide the rear flashing is controlled by a flasher module located at the upper passenger side radiator support. This module is suppose to flash the highbeams in a wig wag pattern. However, this tahoe does not have the flasher module. Chevy describes a green wire in a seperate harness near the center console area which suppose to activate the high beam flasher however when 12 volts is applied nothing happens. My understanding is if the rear flashers is present the headlight flasher should be as well. Has anyone heard of this?


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The rear flashing is controlled by the BCM and is available without the front flasher installed. When the front flasher is installed the taillights are automatically activated by an output from the front flasher, however they can be separated.

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