2018 Dodge Chargers


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Ok I have been tasked with doing a fleet install on 11 Dodge Chargers for our department. First these are not police package so I have run into multiple issues with fitment and placement of equipment. Second yes the products are STL, not by my choice. Anyways here are some pictures of the first one I got done.

I didn't get pictures of the one after it was finished. More to come.

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Well, at least the radio is real so they can call for fire when the equipment and or vehicle fails... (This not a jab at you personally)
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At least they'll keep throwing business at you. In 6mos you'll likely be replacing half the STL stuff. Radar install looks solid, shame they didn't opt to put in a real console for radio and switch/siren panel.


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Got a link to a state contract that lists both the retail and ppv?
NC State Contract shows that a V6 is $20,522, whereas a Charger Pursuit AWD is $24,241. Knock off $1,594 for two wheel drive instead of AWD.

Doesn't seem like a whole lot of difference, but stretch that difference over a couple of cars and it makes a big difference to a department with a very small budget.

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