For Sale 3 Vistas in TX

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade: Other / Off-site' started by JazzDad, Jul 12, 2017.

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  1. JazzDad

    JazzDad Just Another Faceless Member Silver Level Member

  2. Station 3

    Station 3 Forum Guru

    I think the Nachos bell grande at taco bell from the dollar menu is worth more than all those 3 bars combined.
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  3. Heavyrescue

    Heavyrescue Registered Member

    Don't forget to add over 21% for taxes and fees
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  4. Evtech161

    Evtech161 Established Member

    Love the nachos Bel grande !
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  5. jdh

    jdh Veteran Member

    Wow someone is paying $85 for them. Must have a seller willing to pay $100 for them :p
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  6. jdh

    jdh Veteran Member

    Holy crap....there were 6 bid on them. o_O
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