4200DL - Wig Wag

Discussion in 'Feniex Industries' started by dandrzejewski, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. dandrzejewski

    dandrzejewski New Member

    For the wig-wag function, I'm considering just tapping outputs 1 and 2 directly into the +12V lines to the high beams, maybe using something like a t-tap, rather than running the high-beams and switch directly into the controller and using high-beam override.

    Is this safe for this controller?

    - Dave
  2. buddek09

    buddek09 Premium Member Silver Level Member

    What type of vehicle are you wanting to do this on? I would be more concerned about possible damage to the vehicles computer system, you might have to use a couple relays vs a t-tap.
  3. MtnMan

    MtnMan Senior Member

    Won't work. You need to isolate the headlights for them to flash alternately.

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