500 watt par 36


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this is new to me 500 watt par 36 bulbs, was told there for aircraft foward landing gear lights. so tempted to put one in a stinger. and possibly melt a hole right thru the dome... if i can find the site i will post a link..


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i just want to see how bright that would really be, although im not sure what voltage planes use for lighting.


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The 500W ones are typically installed on aircraft with 28VDC electrical systems.

The highest wattage I've seen is vehicle range (14VDC) is 250W


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Also, there is usually a delay built into them, so no external flasher usage. Already asked Whelen when a customer inquired about using an LED aircraft lighthead with a flasher.



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Wouldn't the amp pull melt the inner lightbar cables? That's a lot of juice for a bar meant to usually have a max of 60watts PARs...


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if it melts down we have the technology to build it faster, stronger, better. Just think about that bulb in a post mount unity.. PULL OVER OR I'LL MELT YOUR CAR.


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I have a 600 watt Par36 120VAC (diffused lens) light.. its bright as f... its a studio/film light from the late 70's.

I can't imagine that in a beacon.. forget melting a plastic lens, it'd melt a glass lens!

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I just upgraded 3 Mars 888 lights on a rig from 4416 30w to H7604 50w bulbs. This was an optional upgrade direct from Mars that apparently not many chose. 100,000 extra candles sounds good to me.

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500 watt bulb is only around 41.6666666667 amps, so that be less than a streethawk? LOL

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