911EP Galaxy?

I might have the option to acquire one 911 EP Galaxy bar. 48" or so. I haven't seen them in person yet but saw a few pics. We are going to redo one for an upcoming fire truck. We are wondering how we can get a hold of the control box? I'm certain these came off our state troopers cars judging by the size and condition they are in. But it's just the bars and wires cut, no control boxes. Anyone have any advice on this? ( We're a small town volunteer fire department ). Few of the whackers want to use them on POV as well. HAHA.
There are some 911EP gurus on here that I am sure will chime in. There were bars by 911EP that required a control box and some that didn’t require it. I can tell you that the control boxes are hard to come by though.
@tsquale might know better. If memory serves me he might be one of the 911EP gurus.


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You rang?! LOL Thanks for the tag @firebuff17

@Matt Feist there were two versions of the 911ep Galaxy. The standard Galaxy, which works with any set of switches when 12v power is applied; and the Galaxy Elite, which requires a CID box much like the 911ep Millennium did. HOWEVER, the CID box for the Galaxy Elite is different than the CID box for the Millennium. If the bar you are looking at getting is a Galaxy Elite, I would shy away from purchasing it without the proper CID box. The CID boxes for them are very hard to find, whereas the CID boxes for Millenniums are still fairly common.

I have attached for you (and others) the 2006 911ep Catalog, the flyers explaining the differences in the elite vs standard bar, the wiring schematics, and flash pattern lists.


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