99 Grand Cherokee


May 21, 2010
Central NH
This has gone through a few revisions for forward lighting...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S10ttwSqNc4 LINZ6's for forward lighting

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-a7COxZ7aw Code3 XT6 for forward and LINZ6's moved to the side

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_J4IhJMBAA XT6's replaced with Tomar RECT14's and the XT6's will be relocated to the rear side windows for added side warning (not done yet)

Some picutres

[Broken External Image]:http://www.tccoa.com/litning/jeep/br990.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://www.tccoa.com/litning/jeep/cargo 005.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://www.tccoa.com/litning/jeep/cargo 006.jpg

The cargo area is illuminated by 10 1 watt LED's.


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May 20, 2010
I know you mentioned it before- can I get the info on those interior led's you have for lighting?


May 21, 2010
Central NH
Squad12, answered...

Unlisted, those LED's are these: http://www.oznium.com/prewired-superflux

I took off each panel, drilled holes the size of the globe of the LED and mounted them from the backside with a hotglue gun. I put 10 total in and aimed them all towards the center of the cargo area. I wired it to come on with the dome light so I don't have to think about it. I actually just installed the same setup in a local PD Chief's new Expedition with little issue. It took about an hour to do everything from drilling the holes to putting it all back together.

A few times now I've been to fire scene's where there are no street lamps (I think there's only 3 in town anyways) and at midnight it's wonderful to be able to see my gear when i need to

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