A near-miss on an ice-covered overpass


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May 7, 2010
Northwest Ohio
Yes, my dashcam date and time are wrong, I need to fix that. It was not raining, ambient temp was around freezing. I was on my way to work and was fortunate enough to be paying attention and anticipating problems on this overpass which is actually a bridge over a river. We get crashes there a lot due to icing and the obscured view. I was able to both slow and steer on the iced over bridge; the other car I am avoiding was not so lucky. This is a good reminder that locking up your brakes is something to avoid, even with anti-locks. I was going 55-60 mph in the right lane prior to noticing the hazard and I estimate I was going about 30 mph when I squeezed past the obstruction using the left shoulder. I called the situation in immediately over my county radio, but by the time I made it to work (next exit) the squad was already leaving the building to respond to the four other cars and trucks that did not avoid the obstacle. Minor injuries only, but it could have been very bad. I don't know why driving on bridges in the winter is so difficulty for people, but it seems to cause a lot of crashes. The video is edited for time and has a front and rear view. You can see in the rear view my brake lights are on, but I am by no means slamming them on. The bridge was extremely slippery, slowing enough to move from the right lane to the left shoulder was difficult but very doable. Had I slammed on the brakes I would have spun or slid into the wall or stopped vehicle.

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