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I've kept on the DL about this, but the AD/Site layout is killing me.

For those not using an AD-Blocker I am not sure how this site is even searchable anymore. I have massive ADs on top, the sides and at the bottom and event in the middle of threads.. and a small pane in the middle with relevant content.

This is unusable for me, so I turn the Ad-Blocker back on and I can deal with the red popup screen about not supporting the site and making money via ADs reminder and I move on.

I suspect that many ELB members are doing the same.

I support this site with a membership, but after experimenting with disabling an ad-blocker and the terrible layout on elb.. I can't do it.

Gripe mode off.. nothing to see here move along.


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For those of us who already support the site with a membership but would like to donate to the cause, how can we contribute?
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@Stampeed Valkyrie - If I am remembering a past conversation with @Jman423 correctly, Gold and Platinum level memberships are ad-free as the increased payment helps to offset lost revenue from showing ads. The site is not cheap to host and maintain unfortunately. Ads are a necessary evil to help keep the site alive.

@shues I am sure Jimmy will be able to answer that better than I. I tagged him above to draw his attention here when he logs on next.
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I actually had an issue with the first big ad at the top of the screen on my phone it covered over anything I could try and input data on so I had to click the stop showing this ad and told them it was interfering with the website and what it was doing. Kinda fixed the issue and the ads still here!
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