Aerodynic 24 RVF-1Z Full Size NYPD bar rebuild thread.

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Happy Pi day folks! or if you prefer White Day! ... at least 1 member on here will get that reference..

So onto my next completion of a long term project bar..

With the 24 SEH out of the way the next bar on my list came into view.. and I'm not done folks.. more coming so stay tuned.

This bar started the same as many others.. I picked up the original from a deal on CL.. the seller was trying to sell a bunch of items and I ended making an offer on the whole shabang and this was part of it.

It's original condition was 2nd only to the star point on my 24SEH project. It had a good frame, but needed some holes tapped.. so back to the same machinist and then off to the races cleaning and rebuilding the bar.

Tag reads 24-RVF-1Z..

and like the previous project just about everything on this bar is sourced from other bars.
I ended up going back to look at my other NYPD Aerotwin the RMVF-1Z to make sure I was putting this back together properly.






and finally...


This bar gave me some electrical issues revolving around the 537 Thermal flasher, and that ended up being the wiring plug was shorting. Once that was fixed the flasher worked as intended.

Now for the fun part! The domes.
These are new from Federal. I was sitting on these for about about 2 years as I sourced the other parts for this bar. The wait pays off.








More video coming when I get a chance..


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The bulbs in the rotators should match colors side to side.
I have no specific memory of 52" Aerotwins, even on large vehicles such as the Field Command Post vehicles or passenger coach busses, I thought then and still do now vehicles of that size should have been standard with a 72" bar.
Sharp looking bar regardless.
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Stampeed Valkyrie

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I've only seen 2 of these bars in person in my lifetime.. that last 1 was a just a few years ago in the Bronx. Just off the Major Deegan expressway when coming into the Bronx there is a vehicle yard with many NYPD vehicles of all sorts, (I am being told Sedgwick Ave.) This light was sitting on a Bus, next to some other buses which all had Streethawks.

As for the lamp colors I have seen it both ways, alternating synched.. I prefer the visual of alternating.


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That's the home of the Disorder Control Unit and the original Patrol Boro Bronx Task Force, now re-constituted as the Strategic Response Group so I'm not surprised if that bar was ever used it would be on one of their vehicles in any event any 52" bars you've seen are truly exceptions to the rule as I indicated earlier.
I tried the alternating color scheme (Dept spec was symmetrical colors, if you saw alternating probably a personal mod like mine), didn't like the effect so changed it back to spec.
Because I didn't like being lit up by the sweeping white light during nighttime car stops I changed to all red bulbs on my 2 successive steady cars until the Visions took over.
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Stampeed Valkyrie

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Ok Video up.

I am playing around with Lightworks for video editing.
Still pretty basic, but I plan on learning as I go.

I had some good Audio to go with this clip, but the Copyright trolls said otherwise.. so back to the silence.
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Per usual, another fantastic restoration and build out. I love your bar project posts! And thanks for the vids, too. :)

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