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Aerodynic 24XO wiring

I've got ahold of an Aerodynic 24XO, and do want to test it out, is there somewhere I can find the wiring schematics? it's still got the wiring pigtail on it, but need to figure out what wires are for the speaker, I don't want to fry that with the 12v. ...also what's the best way to test the speaker?

I'm asssuming this must have been on a firetruck or maybe even a chief's car? completely red lenses with speaker, no ally lights or flashers. Is there a general production range for the 24XO ?
Yes, you have an AeroTwinSonic and the model number should be 24XQ where the X mean x mirrors and the Q mean halogen sealed beam (H7600).

Assuming the pigtail is still Federal Signal made.. red is 12v+ and will power the rotators and lamps. Black is 12v- and is the ground for the lights. You should also have 2 brown wires in the cable harness.. these are your speaker wires, and are a much smaller gauge then the R&B.

In the past I have used the 9V battery trick to test if a speaker is dead or not. Connect the leads to the battery and listen for a faint buzz. If so speaker is good.. if not its either disconnected or blown.


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Thanks, I think it does still have the original pigtail. I was assuming that the colors/wires were as you said, but one never can be too
carefull. What kind of amperage am I going to need to power it up off a 12v power source?
Your looking at about 13 amps for the 4 lamps.. and 1-3 amps for the motor.
Not factoring in the Cold start surge Halogen lamps require.. 20 amp power supply.
To CYA.. I'd get a 30.

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