For Sale Aurora Borealis reproduction domes

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  1. tsquale

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    A member of the Facebook group "Mars Emergency Lights" posted this and I have received permission to share it with you all. "He is still offering replacement domes for the Mars Aurora Borealis Light." The poster thought they were around $300. CONTACT THE SELLER VIA THE PHONE NUMBER IN THE FLYER. I do not believe that the seller is currently a member on here. I am not the seller. I have never met the seller. I can not guarantee anything. I am not sure if the price listed is accurate. Yada yada insert every possible disclaimer here.

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  2. Benno

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    I'm interested but calling him isn't an option for me.

    Would be great if someone had his email-address.
  3. Benno

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    Has anyone contacted the seller yet?

    I need help in contacting - I don't have a Facebook account and a phone call from Germany isn't a option.
  4. Benno

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    Really nobody?:(

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