Availability on 911EP Galaxy?


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Hi there.

I love in Sweden and have build an ok replica of a movie car. It Is the evil Transformer Barricade from the 2007 movie ”Transformers”. But i have had great difficulty to find the correct lights and siren.
As i have understood it they used 911EP Galaxy lightbar and Federal Smart siren. Can anyone confirm or correct me?
Here is a link to some clips from the movie.

If i am correct i have understood that the Galaxy is possible to use without a cid, but the Galaxy Elite has to have a cid? And the cid is hard to come by?

Is it possible to find the correct parts? And how much would that cost?

By the searches i have made i have seen that @tsquale is a guru regarding these things.

Best Regards, Morgan.


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Hi Morgan and welcome to the site! Cool project that you have.

I do believe you are correct that the film used a 911ep Galaxy and the smart siren.

You are correct that the Galaxy can run on its own with NO CID box.

The Galaxy Elite requires a CID box (orange in color). It is a different CID than the black ones that the 911ep Millennium lightbar uses. The Galaxy Elite orange CID boxes are difficult to find.

There are a few 911ep Galaxy lightbars still around and parts are fairly common. It is harder to find a nice / show worthy lightbar that would be suitable for your project. Shipping costs would be the next hardest piece for you as I am sure shipping the lightbar safely from the USA to Sweden would be expensive.


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Thank you for the info. I will keep looking for a Galaxy and hope to find one in ok shape. My car is used daily during the summer (at least that is one benefit to living in Sweden, i am allowed to use my car as it looks). So the lightbar does not have to be like new, but the nicer it is the better.
Regarding shipping cost i know that will be expensive. But hopefully i can time it with some guy importing a car from USA so the lightbar can be put in the car. Otherwise i am ok with paying for shipping, i have bought big and heavy stuff from USA before.

Best Regard, Morgan.

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