Wanted Beacon ray


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There are two different size lenses for the model 17. The early model 17 used a smaller diameter lens than the later model 17. Do you know which size you need?


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I think your 1958 beacon requires a small-diameter lens and your 1969 beacon requires a large-diameter lens. This is because the last year for the small diameter lens was 1967, according to the expertise , @stansdds:

Nope. " 37" was the standard serial number for the 173 ("49" for the 173D, "59" for the 173A). The first digit indicated voltage, 1 = 6VDC, 2 = 12VDC. The P series were produced in the 1960's up to 1968 (N series in the 1950's, R series 1968-1976), so 2P37H7 would likely be 1967 production, the last year for the small diameter dome on the 17 and 173.
I do not know the exact date when the 173 was introduced, but I think it was around 1950. From the start and up until 1964, the 17 and 173 used the small dome. From 1964 to 1968, Federal was making some 17's and 173's with the larger dome, but most of them still used the smaller dome. In 1968 Federal standardized the skirt and dome sizes on the Beacon Ray line with all of them using the larger dome until production ceased in the 1980's.


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One I have 1958,other 1969 if that helps
Your 1958 Beacon Ray, if it is a 17 (2 bulbs) or 173 (3 bulbs), would definitely have come with a small diameter dome and matching skirt.
All Beacon Ray's in 1969 had the large diameter dome and matching skirts.

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