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May 16, 2010
2006 GMC Sierra outfitted with all sorts of stuff and some new additions coming soon! Pics will be posted later!

Whelen Dual Avenger R/W or R/R (I have both that I alternate use of - though right now I've got a Tomar 200-S R/R in use) on dash or under RVM.
(4) Pimp Pods (1st gen) in red in the grille.
Pair of Whelen TIR6 200 series ("PAR36") in the foglamp holes.

Pair of Whelen LINZ6s in red for side warning between front fender and side of bumper (will post pics later)

(4) Whelen Vertex in red in taillights (X pattern of CometFlash)
Whelen Dominator Plus 8 head LINZ6 Dominator in red - top of back glass

Controlled by: Whelen HHS2200 siren

Video 1
















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Hopefully in a week or so I can get some new additions, clean some things up, SYNC some items, and shoot a new video.

Also, I've changed my alternating outlets on my front ULF44 for a little change.
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Awesome! Love the pattern for the front lights.
You know, they should really just make a "pics,video" section for just pimp pods! haha, everything in that section could be installs of that product. ;)
Blue Thunder still rumbles! Great light placement, and I think the fog lights are perfect! I think the slower flash pattern on them is a nice old school touch.
Nice. Clean and Slick
In the rear window, Why is the D8 mounted so low almost in the center of the window ??

rescue52 said:
In the rear window, Why is the D8 mounted so low almost in the center of the window ??

It's mounted using the OEM L brackets to the headliner. I didn't like how low it hung, either. I plan on re-mounting it after I modify the brackets to fit up near the top of the window.

Sadly the holes wallered out (due to a mistake on my part when we installed it) and the bar has been sitting under the back seat for about 6 months. :(
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Pimp said:
Controlled by: Whelen HHS2200 siren

How do you like going from a full console setup in your impala to now using the HHS2200? I remember you also had a radio(s), did those make it over to blue thunder?

This install is my inspiration for a 'keep it simple' approach to my new silverado that I will start installing on shortly.
Alex said:
How do you like going from a full console setup in your impala to now using the HHS2200? I remember you also had a radio(s), did those make it over to blue thunder?

Love it so far. I miss my radios but it is not a huge priority to me as it was in the past as my FT agency uses 700 P25/trunked/encypted so I can't monitor them anyways. I just have my handheld radio and that's it. I do miss my mobile FD radio, though!

Love my HHS2200. Can't wait to re-configure it to my new toy(s?). :twisted:
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Just realized I didn't have a thread on Blue Thunder on this board or the past one... so, he we are.

2006 GMC Sierra
used for volunteer Fire/EMS

Tomar 200S Red/Red Dash Light (sometimes swapped for a Whelen Dual Avenger R/W)
Whelen 200 series PAR32 Red/Red in the fog light housings
(4) 6LED Pimp Pods in the grille (formerly [4] 3LED Pimp Pods)
(2) Whelen LINZ6s (red) between front bumper and quarter panel for intersection coverage
LINZ6s, 6LEDs, and 200 Series are synced via a Whelen ULF44 Flasher mounted in the grille area.

(4) Whelen Vertex Red - 2 in each tail light
Whelen 8 head Dominator Plus LINZ6 Warning bar (all red) DP8RRRRRRRR
(more coming soon!)

Whelen HHS2200 Hands Free Siren
(2) Whelen SA314P speakers mounted behind the grille
(more audio coming soon!)

I'll cover the install and past setups in the next few posts.

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Former setups include

Dual - Dual Whelen Avengers, one R/W and one R/R, as seen above.

Videos of former setups:

First Setup:

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Why did you replace the fog lamps with a PAR36 vs a LAW ??
rescue52 said:
Why did you replace the fog lamps with a PAR36 vs a LAW ??

Much brighter, for one. For two, I wanted more warning power than a LAW or Vertex in the fog light housings. The fog light housings weren't OEM, weren't installed by me, and I rarely used them, so it wasn't hard to kiss them goodbye.

And, these are PAR32, not 36. ;)
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Well, apparently I never updated (or maybe I did it on the previous forum) that the 3LED Pimp Pods in the grille were replaced with 6LED Pimp Pods. This happened in November, 2010. Here's the video for that:

And the below is today:


I have added a 10-75 Stealth License Plate bracket (Thanks grfd711) and mounted some 6LED Pimp Pods on it - PERFECT FIT, by the way! I wanted a little more for intersection warning but wanted to remain stealthy and neat looking. This achieved exactly that. I wired it to where the LINZ6 mounted under the fender would alternate with the 6LED mounted on the license plate bracket for no dark time on the side. Man, I can't get over how happy I am with the job! They are EXACTLY what I wanted and needed for my side/intersection warning. The install took less than an hour.

[Broken External Image]: _n.jpg

[Broken External Image]: _n.jpg

The screws will be cut as soon as I can get the tool to do it with.

[Broken External Image]: _n.jpg

[Broken External Image]: _n.jpg

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Night time walkaround of current setup:

Anddd... the "X" pattern that the new side warning creates. Interesting. I love me some X pattern.
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Nice i only have one Red Lin 6 on each side for intersection warning. That other light you added looks good.

stop with all the friggen sync! a little sync is on but enough is enough!!!!

im gonna have to come down there and start snipping the sync wires

;) :razz:
I knew I'd get a rise out of you, Cory - The Anti Sync!
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