Boots (Again- but different)


May 23, 2010
I've seen many posts on boots- but this request is a little different...

My "new" job requires me to wear "SEMI-GLOSS" Duty shoes. I have approval to wear boots because of my bad knee. The state pays for my shirts, and pants, but they won't touch the boots.

I LOVE my 5.11 side zipper water-proof tactical boots. I actually have an old pair that I used the Leather Luster Kit on and they looks great- for awhile- because they weren't ever designed to be gloss.

I am looking for a boot like the above (water proof, side zipper- boot) that is semi gloss- that I can also wear at the FD when I am on shift there. I've noticed that my toes get the crap chewed out of them when working on patients- but that's the part of the job (I know).

If I'm dumping $150 on boots that I have to get- I'd like a pair that I can wear when on duty at both places.



Ben E.

May 21, 2010
Iowa, USA
If you can stand not having side zips, try the 5.11 XPRT patrols, I switched to them from the 5.11 side zips and they are MUCH more comforable, and the toe seems to be holding up better than the zipper pair. By "semi-gloss", you just mean something with a polishable toe?

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